How to reduce the gasoline consumption of the car

Knowing how to reduce the gasoline consumption of the car will help you to reduce the fixed costs that your car brings you and to keep the family budget at bay. Although there are factors that you can not influence, there are many things you can do to control it: from your driving, through the maintenance of the vehicle and even the choice of the gas station. In .com we explain how to reduce the gasoline consumption of the car .

Steps to follow:


Carrying out an efficient driving style is one of the best ways to reduce the gasoline consumption of the car. In this aspect, what you should do is to drive your car smoothly, anticipating the incidences of the traffic to avoid having to braking and accelerating, which consume a lot of gasoline. Try driving in high gear and at a constant speed. Along with your pocket, the environment will be the other great benefit if you drive efficiently.


When it comes to reducing the fuel consumption of the car you should not make the mistake of using the neutral point once the vehicle has picked up speed. Although there is a popular belief that when you drive in this way you do not waste fuel, this is a mistake because when you have to put in the gear, there will be a gas injection so big that it will not compensate you. Also, going into neutral is a very unsafe way to drive.


Another way to reduce the gas consumption of the car is to make a good maintenance of the mechanical part of the car. Thus, if all the parts perform their function correctly and in a perfectly coordinated manner, the fuel expense will not increase. Especially, be aware of issues regarding the air filter, the fuel tank hoses and the exhaust.


A good condition of the tires, besides being essential for safe travel, will help you to reduce the gasoline consumption of the car . Thus, in the event that the wheels are not ready, they will offer greater resistance to the march with the consequent increase in fuel consumption. In this case, the renewal of the tires on time is presented as an investment that in the medium term will save you money. In general, the ecological tires offer a lower resistance to rolling, so they are a good alternative.


Beyond your driving style and the state of the car, the dedication of time to choose the place to refuel will also help you save money on gasoline. There are web pages that offer you information in real time about the price of fuels depending on your location. We recommend that you read this article in which we explain how to know where the cheapest gasoline is.


If you have not yet bought your car, you should read this article about the difference between a diesel vehicle and gasoline so you can evaluate if this factor will help you reduce fuel consumption.


On the other hand, there are additives that clean the injection system of the engine and, therefore, will help you reduce the amount of fuel. Of course, we recommend that you buy these products in specialized stores and that you look for information about them to ensure that you buy a quality additive. However, it is not so clear that fuel additives contribute to reduce gasoline spending.


An intensive use of air conditioning will also contribute to increase the cost of gasoline. If the ambient temperature is very high, it is clear that you will have to use it but do not make your car become a refrigerator.