How to remove resin from the car

If you like nature and you usually do excursions in the countryside, it is not uncommon for some mistake you have worn resin on your clothes and, when you return home, it has been embedded somewhere in the cabin or has fallen on the bodywork. Even if you act quickly and detect the spot soon, it will not be easy to finish it and the area will be as before, but you should try. In .com we offer you some advice about how to remove resin from the car.

Steps to follow:


The resin is an element that is characterized by its pastiness and being highly sticky. It falls from the trees and it is easy for it to stick to your clothes without you noticing. If you go on a field trip and you have the bad luck to leave with resin, it is most likely that it ends up sticking to the seat of your car or another area of ​​the passenger compartment. It is also not difficult for the resin to fall on the body, especially if you park it under the trees.


The safest thing in the sense that you will not damage the material on which you apply it is to use a specific product to remove the resin from the car. You can find it in most auto parts and accessories stores.


If you do not want to spend your money on a cleaner that you're probably only going to use once, you can try the next alternative. It involves using a window cleaner that you use at home to try to eliminate the resin stain of the car . The only risk is that, for example, if you apply it to exterior paint, the brand could remain.


You can also resort to home remedies to remove the resin from the car. The first thing we propose is that you apply a jet of oil directly on the stain and let act a few minutes. Next, remove with a cloth and clean the area with soap and water.


The other option is to use alcohol to try to dissolve the resin stain. In this case, do not apply directly on the area, but it is preferable that you use a cotton. You must soak this with alcohol and then rub the stain until there is no trace of the resin in the car. Then, wash with soap and water so that the alcohol does not cause an undesired effect on the car.