How to remove rust from the motorcycle

There are certain parts of your bike that tend to accumulate rust easily, so that although you take good care of your vehicle, sooner or later this unwanted element will appear. Some of these areas are very visible, like the trims, so you must act quickly to eliminate rust and get your motorcycle to recover its usual appearance. In .com we offer you a series of tips on how to remove the rust from the motorcycle.

Steps to follow:


A first recommendation is about something you should never do on your bike: use scouring pads. It is difficult not to cause damage to the most attractive parts of your vehicle if you use this type of material to remove rust. Almost certainly, you will end up causing a small scratch. Use a cloth rag or sponge instead.


Well, now you should buy a metal cleaner product and apply it for the areas that have rust. Probably, you should apply yourself well and spend time, because the rust will not come out easily. The more time you let go and the more oxide builds up, the more chances you have that you will not be able to remove this oxide.


After applying the metal cleaner, you must act to make the chrome look like new. For this, you will have to buy a specific spray to repair chrome that will help your bike to look good again.


If applying the product you can not remove the rust from the motorcycle, something that will happen when you have left the motorcycle unattended for a long time, there is a more radical solution. It involves using a sandpaper to remove the rust, and then painting the motorcycle to recover its appearance. In addition, you should apply a chrome spray.


The best thing to avoid having to reach these extremes is to do a good maintenance of the bike. If it has to be outdoors for a long time, assess the possibility of putting a cover and in the stations where it rains most, try not to keep it wet, drying it by the most visible parts.


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