How to teach a dog on a floor

Pets have been part of human communities for hundreds of years, even today in cities, spaces less adapted to animal life, many people want to have an animal sharing their apartment or house. In this article from .com we will explain what are the keys for our pets are well educated.

Steps to follow:


Having pets in private homes is totally legal provided they meet the conditions of hygiene, welfare and safety, both for the animal and the people who care for it.


We have to take care of the animals so that they do not bother the neighbors with noises and bad smells. Remember that the floors are closed spaces.


We have to take care of the pets so that they always have food in the right conditions and always leave them clean water so they can drink and not suffer from dehydration.


It is better not to leave dogs alone with children. Even if they appear docile and polite, it is difficult to foresee their behavior when the owner is not near the animal.


The cat is a curious animal that will want to explore its new environment. For this reason, during the first days, we should not let it out every time we open the door of the entrance to avoid escaping and getting lost. When you have become familiar with your new home, then we can let you out but always with our vigilance.


Esterelization is an effective way to avoid overpopulation and abandonment as a consequence of unwanted pet births. It is important to speak with the veterinarian to advise us on this matter.


Make sure that our companion animal does not cause neighborhood disturbances with its howls, shouts or noises in general or that it destroys the private property of other neighbors.

  • Remember that abandoning, mistreating and physically attacking animals is considered a very serious offense and may involve fines of up to € 20, 000