How to paint a caravan

Do you want to know how to paint a caravan ? If your vehicle has a rusty and yellowish body or you want to give it a new touch of color so that it has a new style, in .com we explain how to make it look like new. Painting a caravan is simple, but it is important to follow a proper prior procedure to make it look good.

You will need to:
  • Sponge sandpaper
  • Water and soap.
  • Dry cloth
  • Masking tape.
  • Painting with polyurethane base.
  • Hardener
  • Paint gun.
Steps to follow:


If you want the caravan to be as good as possible, the first step is to sand all the outside, in this way you eliminate any remains that are attached. Use a sponge sandpaper to avoid damaging the surface.


Clean the body well with soap and water, it is important that there is no dirt before giving a coat of paint, also dry it properly with a cloth.


Subsequently, be clear about which parts you want to paint and which parts do not. To do this, you can cover with bodybuilding tape those specific areas that will not receive a coat of paint, so you will paint your caravan perfectly.


The turn to paint has arrived. But what paint to choose? Ideally, a paint with a polyurethane base . You must mix it previously with a proportion of 4 parts of paint for 1 of hardener. And do not take too long to use it, if possible, do it immediately and do not spend more than 3 hours.


We recommend that you use a paint gun to make the body look your best. This way you will be able to paint your caravan like a professional, hands on!