How to plan a road trip

Road trips are a fun way to travel. These trips allow you the freedom to manage your own time, to stop whenever you want and to deviate from major highways and roads in search of scenic landscapes and sites of interest. If you are going to "hit the road" plan ahead so you do not suffer from stress and avoid interruptions in your trip.

You will need to:
  • Maps
  • GPS
Steps to follow:


Buy a map and take it with you, do not forget it. You must be up to date with the latest changes in street names or any other important construction that is taking place on that specific route. You can download it from the Internet or buy it in a travel bookstore or the service station. A GPS device (remember to take the charger) is useful, but have a map in case this device fails, it is not too much.


It is important that your car be inspected by a mechanic a few days before your departure. It is necessary to check the grip of your tires, you can drive for a long time with heat and sometimes a burst can occur. Consider the possibility of an oil change.


Most websites related to traffic (for example, Google Maps, via michelin or racc) offer the opportunity to calculate the routes by selecting different options such as "the shortest route", "most economical tourism" or ". Add the tire review in your planning and select the most appropriate option.


Check in advance what construction works are carried out. Enter an address, a status name or select the departure and arrival destinations.


When driving, listen permanently to the radio news to update in real time. Traffic changes every minute of the day, so to avoid traffic jams and incidents, tune into a local radio station every hour.

  • Calculate the price of fuel or diesel before a trip to make a good estimate of travel expenses.
  • Have a guide to the area to get more information about accommodation, interesting places to visit or local restaurants.