How to request the extension of the driving license from abroad

If you are going to expire your driving license and you are outside of Spain, you should know that you can do the procedure from abroad . Of course, you will have to move to the nearest Spanish embassy or consulate to the place where you are. In addition, just like if you were in the country, you can request the renewal of the permit once 3 months are missing before it expires. So that you know how to do it, in .com we explain in detail how to ask for the extension of the driving license from abroad.

Steps to follow:


You have to pay the corresponding fee through a bank transfer to the Central Traffic Headquarters. The proof of this operation must include your name, your ID and the concept " Driver's license renewal fee ".


The amount of the fee is 22.90 euros and the bank account data to be sent are:

IBAN: ES23 0049 5103 7926 1657 8716



In the event that you are over 70 years old, you will not have to pay the fee. In addition, for medical reasons, the extension of the permit can be for a time less than the general, of 10 years. In these cases, the prices of the fees are the following:

  • 4 years: 18.40 euros.
  • 3 years: 13.80 euros.
  • 2 years: 9.20 euros.
  • 1 year: 4.60 euros.


A doctor from the country in which you find yourself must issue a psychophysical aptitude report that proves that you are able to drive a car. The report must be certified by the Spanish embassy or consulate and include a recent photograph of you.


Once you have done these procedures, you must go to the Spanish embassy or consulate to make the management to request the extension of the driver's license from abroad . You will contribute:

  • Protection of the transfer of the payment of the fee.
  • Medical report.
  • Heel-photo that will facilitate you there and you will have to fill it out. You must carry a 32x36 mm color photo.


As a general rule, the image must be bare-faced. There is an exception, because the religious veil is allowed as long as it reveals the face completely.


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