How to order the change of license plate of the car

The change of the license plate of the car only allows it the General Direction of Traffic (DGT) in the cases of the plates that have the indicator of the province different from the one in which the owner resides. That is, you can only request it if your car has a license plate of the old ones, in which one or two letters that refer to the province were incorporated. For the case that your car meets these requirements, in .com we explain in detail how to request the change of license plate of the car.

Steps to follow:


The first step you have to do is to request a new Vehicle Technical Inspection (ITV) card in one of the offices distributed throughout the Spanish geography. In this link you can find the one that corresponds to you.


After this process, you have to fill out the official form that you can download on the DGT website.


Once in the Provincial Headquarters of the DGT, you also have to pay a fee of 93.80 euros.


There, to identify you, you must do it in one of the following ways:

  • DNI, driving license, residence card or passport with the Foreigner Identification Number.
  • If you act as a legal entity, you must present the company's tax identification card and prove your representation.
  • If you represent minors or disabled, you must bring your ID and the signature of the parents or guardians.


From the car whose registration you want to change you will have to provide:

  • Permission of circulation.
  • Old and new ITV card.


In addition, if you ask for the change of registration of the car by change of address you have to take the census card or the registration certificate if the new address does not appear on your ID.


In you can also see the steps to follow to register a car.

  • Review all the steps so that you carry the proper documentation and change the registration management is done quickly.