How to pass the ITV

The Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) is a revision fixed as mandatory by the Government for most of the vehicles that circulate on public roads. However, private entities are responsible for issuing the certificates. So you can save this process easily and quickly, in .com we explain all the details of how to pass the ITV.

Steps to follow:


In case you have doubts, here is all the information about when you have to pass the ITV.


Before going to your appointment, read this article in which we explain what is reviewed in the ITV . Thus, you will be able to control previously if you fulfill all the requirements.


You already know what technical issues are going to check you and when it's your turn to pass the ITV, now you have to make an appointment.


You must go to this website of the Directorate General of Traffic to find what ITV center corresponds to you, depending on your population, which facilitates the steps of how to pass the ITV.


Once the company is located on the Pdf, the DGT website offers you its postal address and a telephone number. The most convenient thing to do is to call before going, since the usual thing is that they work with a previous appointment system.


Now, you just have to go with your car the indicated day and time. You must take the car's registration certificate, the car's technical file and the current insurance receipt .


Do not forget to take money, because you will have to pay some fees.