How to teach a cat how to use his sandbox

Teaching a cat to use its sandbox is not necessary in most cases. We have all heard that cats are very clean animals: this topic is the result of the observation, on the one hand, of the natural tendency of cats to cleanse and groom their hair but also their natural habit of urinating and defecating in their sandbox . This hygienic custom turns cats into good pets and is the expression in the domestic cat of the status of lone hunter of the cat in the wild: it needs to hide its trace as much as possible so that its prey does not detect its presence. Although the tendency is natural there may be cases of problematic cats in which the tendency to use the sandbox does not manifest. In these cases, we must act in the following manner.

You will need to:
  • Sandbox preferably made of rigid plastic
  • Special sand for cat litter box
Steps to follow:


If your cat is small, make sure you can get into the sandbox


Do not place the sandbox near the cat's food


Attention to the arena that you buy. Some brands include perfumes that can disorient the cat when it comes to identifying the location and function of the sandbox .


Place the sandbox in a quiet place where the cat has some privacy


If the cat has been urinating and defecating in an acceptable place put the sandbox there.


Once you have chosen the location of the sandbox, it must be final.


Teach the cat where you have put the sandbox and remove the sand with your hand so you can see what it is.


If you see that the cat is put in position in an inappropriate place, take it and take it running to the sandbox . You must do this firmly but gently and without scolding him.


The cleaner we keep the sandbox better for both us and the cat . We must remove the stool every day and change all the sand once a week. However, the first days and especially if there have been problems in getting used to using the sandbox, we should be less strict with the hygiene so that the cat detects the smell and establishes the odor-location-function relationship.


Make sure the cat always has access to his sandbox.