How to store the motorcycle in winter

The cold arrives and one of the things that we usually ask ourselves if we have a two-wheeled vehicle is how to store the motorcycle in winter . It is common to leave the motorbike stopped in winter due to low temperatures, months in which we opt for other means of transport. But leaving the motorcycle parked during this period of the year means that it is important to ensure that it is in the best condition so that it does not suffer problems due to the cold, so in .com we give you some keys so you can discover the right way to save it and protect it.

Steps to follow:


If you have already decided to store the motorcycle during the winter, the first thing you have to do is thoroughly clean the vehicle. Try to keep it sparkling and that no traces of dirt or salt remain in the continued use of the motorcycle. Use exclusive products aimed at cleaning motorcycles and protect metal parts.


Once the bike is clean, decide where you will park it . Choose a garage in which the bike does not receive light directly from the sun, if possible. In any case, always cover the bike with a case. This will help preserve it better.


Change the oil so that the engine does not suffer over time. An oil that has not been checked correctly can be counterproductive to the state of the internal parts of your motorcycle and cause you to take a bad surprise when the winter ends.


Make sure you drain the cooling system . But it is very important that you remember that it is empty before starting the engine again, because otherwise it would be very serious for your motorcycle when you use it after winter.


What you should do with the engine oil depends on your type of motorcycle. If it is an injection engine, it fills the tank in several phases . First, charge it halfway and when it has been 1 month, fill the rest of your capacity. In the case of being a carburetor engine, it is advisable to empty the tank and clean it properly.


Before leaving your motorcycle for the winter, remove the battery if possible and make sure that the other parts are in good condition. To do this, lubricate the chain and check the tires. Once this is done it is advisable to check the motorcycle every four or six weeks in order to check that it is in good condition.

Do you have any advice or personal trick to keep the bike in winter ? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment to help other drivers.