How to teach my dog ​​to lie down

Dogs are animals that need to follow a leader and follow rules to live in peace and find stability. Therefore, that you train and teach the basic education orders is essential to establish your authority and get you to obey. Among them, they emphasize teaching the dog to sit down, lie down, do their needs outside the home and walk without pulling the leash. If you are training your dog and you want to know how to teach him to lie down, keep reading this article and discover the keys.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you should know is that not all dogs learn just as fast, so patience is essential to achieve results. Also, it is always better to start with the training during your puppy stage, since it is when they learn faster and internalize the orders. However, this does not mean that an adult dog can not learn, much less, but it will cost a bit more.


Before starting with this order it is important that you have already taught him to sit down, since it will greatly facilitate the learning process. You will also need treats to motivate and reward you when you do it right.


We start by taking a treat with your hand, between your thumb and forefinger, and ordering our dog to sit down. When it does, bring the candy to the muzzle so that it smells and then lowers the hand towards the ground. Automatically your dog will follow her with his eyes until he lies down to try to catch her. When you lie down, you must say the command "Lie down, " "Ground, " "Get out, " which is more comfortable but always the same word and in a strong tone. Dogs learn by repetition, so it is important that you always pronounce it the same.


When he is completely lying down, give him the treat as a reward . Positive conditioning is vital to get the best results with our dog. If you give it to try to get up, remove it and return to place the hand with the candy on the floor to understand that you will not give it if you do not lie.


If when you lower your hand to the ground your dog follows it with his eyes but does not lie down, incite him to it by shaking his hand slightly without lifting it from the ground and, if necessary, showing a little more the candy. You should repeat this process several times a day, with breaks to avoid getting bored, until you lie down as soon as you lower your hand.


When you have related the gesture of lowering the hand with the candy to the ground with lying down, then we will begin to do it without candy . It is very important that each time you lie down you say the order to associate it with the movement. Now, you should do exactly the same thing but without candy. That is, place the hand exactly as if you had it between your fingers and make the same gesture. When you lie down, congratulate him energetically.


When you learn to sit without a treat, it is time to start saying the order "Lie down" without accompanying her with the gesture of lowering her hand to the ground. Little by little, your dog will internalize it and learn to do it only with the word. Whenever you do, remember that you must reward him to motivate him and show him that he has done well.


Remember that patience is the key to teaching our dog orders, so if you have trouble learning to lie down without accompanying the word with the movement of your hand, you will have to resort to it again and, little by little, stop doing it until learn it


  • If you can, choose the shortest word you can for the order, since dogs learn this type of words earlier than longer ones.