How to teach my dog ​​to walk without pulling: tricks and techniques to get it

The ride is the most anticipated time of day for many dogs, especially the most active and energetic. It's the time when they play, have fun and are outdoors, that's why, many of them go out on the streets a little desperate and eager to play. It is then when we can feel "dragged" by the dogs as they can pull a lot of the strap by the accumulated energy. However, we can train our best friend so that he does not give us so many jerks when we go out for a walk. In this article we want to tell you how to teach your dog to walk without pulling so you can enjoy fun and comfortable outings for both.

5 tricks to teach your dog not to pull the leash

It is not difficult to teach a dog to walk without throwing. You just have to train and be patient until, little by little, you are assimilating the concepts. Whether it is a puppy or an adult dog you can modify his behavior and help him learn to go for a walk without pulling the leash. Here we are going to discover some ideal tricks so you can train it effectively.

Change direction when you go ahead

When you feel that your dog is ahead and begins to pull, nothing better as you reorientate the direction of your departure. Turn half turn by 180 degrees and go back . With this gesture, the dog will begin to follow us. If you come back forward, turn the gear again and, until you look at it and start turning at the moment you turn. Only then, will you be adapting to your rhythm and be aware that you are walking with you. At this time of attention, we must reward our friend with a prize.

Stay still

Another of the best tricks to teach a dog to walk without pulling is that, as soon as you feel that pull the strap, stop your walk. If you stay still, he will feel that he can not continue walking and he will have to stop. Tell him, with a sweet and affectionate tone, to stand behind you and, only when he does, you resume the walk. Above all, you should avoid throwing yourself on the leash aggressively, it is best that he is aware that you are with him on the walk and, thus, learn to go at your own pace.

Stand in front of the animal

Another trick is to stop the dog by standing in front of him. In this way, you will avoid being able to advance when you are walking. If you see that you start to throw a lot or that you get very nervous, invite him to sit down and relax. What we will look for, at this moment, is to stay still so that you understand that, well, you will not continue with the trip.

Use a special belt for training

You have to know that, currently, there is a belt that is known as "training" and that are specially designed for this type of teaching. It is a strap that you can put on your body and, therefore, you will not carry it in your hand. Once set, you can start walking and change the sense to, thus, force your dog to follow you and not the other way around.

The prizes to train the dog

And, finally, another of the tricks to teach a dog to walk without pulling the strap is that you use positive reinforcement. That is, it is important that your dog understands when he has done things well and, therefore, nothing better than using the prizes. It is a key tool for your education and it will help you to understand better what you want to teach. They can be edible prizes as well as caresses, kisses, kind words, and so on. The key to this work is that, before going for a walk, show the animal that you have prizes on it. Thus, you will be more attentive and aware of you.

In this other article we discover what is the best way to walk your dog with tips and tricks that will help you.

Why dogs throw

Now that you know some good tricks to teach your dog to walk without pulling, it is important that you understand why he acts in this way. It is a very natural and habitual behavior in dogs but, as we have seen, we can train them to modify it.

Here we list the most common causes for dogs pulling the leash:

  • Nerves and anxiety to go out : as we have indicated at the beginning of the article, one of the most common reasons why dogs throw is because they are eager to leave. The game, the open air and to relieve themselves, generate a more nervous state that can cause them to pull the leash. Therefore, it is more common that they are pulling during the first 10 minutes and then relax.
  • Accumulation of energy : it is also possible that the dog does not burn enough energy during the day and, therefore, that it is full of vitality when it goes for a walk. In these cases it is best that we increase your daily walks so you can burn an approximate amount of calories than you consume. Only then, will you feel tired at the end of the day and wanting to sleep and be relaxed.
  • Social or psychological problems of the dog: it can also be that your dog suffers from a special disorder. In these cases, it is best to take it to a specialist so that it can give you the care and treatment you really need. However, the most common is that dogs pull the belt by nerves or by accumulation of energy.

How to teach my dog ​​to walk beside me: tricks and recommendations

To prevent your dog from pulling the leash, a good way is to train him to walk by your side. In addition, if you get to learn this knowledge, you will be able to take it out for a walk without a leash in safe areas away from traffic.

In order to get you to walk with you, there are some tricks that we reveal below:

  • Use a keyword: for example, you can use "here" or "together" so that the dog detects that you want it to be by your side. Teach her that when you pronounce this sound, what you want is that she be by your side. Therefore, with this association of ideas it will be easier to teach your dog.
  • Positive reinforcement : at the beginning, whenever you say the keyword and the dog is at your side, give him a prize. In this way you will know that, when you say this word, he will have a positive experience if he is placed next to you. You can repeat this exercise 5 or 10 times and, little by little, the animal will understand you.
  • The prize at the beginning: to be able to go out with your dog on the side, nothing better than to start the session showing you that you have a prize with you. Let it smell and, well, be aware that you can give it to them from one moment to another.