How to teach my dog ​​to walk without a leash

Do you want to teach your dog to walk without a leash ? To begin you must be clear that for your pet to learn to walk freely, you must see yourself as a leader. Apart from training for hours with obedience exercises, your dog must have total confidence in you. Your dog must assume from an early age that as owner you are his packhead, and you as his leader must be able to discipline your domestic companion. In .com, we tell you how to teach your dog to walk without a leash .

Steps to follow:


To get your dog to walk without a leash you will need time and patience. It is not a simple task but with the advice that we are going to give you, you will achieve it. If your dog is a puppy it is important to start to get used to walking without leash, try to release it a bit in a park or safe space but never on the street. In we tell you when you can walk your puppy.

When you get to a green area, you must remain moored, then release a little to go through that space but have your favorite prizes on hand to come back for them. You must always be aware of him and not lose eye contact with him.


Another important tip is that you never pull the strap too hard . It is very common that when you teach to walk a pet is very excited and do not stop shooting. It is not advisable to react abruptly, it is best to pull gently and stay still. You may have to repeat this several times, but you will see how your dog will understand the message and will stand next to you. As soon as he does, give him a prize again . Positive reinforcement is basic to forge certain attitudes.


Although it seems obvious, your dog should go out every day and, not only because it is basic to satisfy their needs, but because it is essential to build a relationship of trust and affection. The walk with your dog is a moment of connection and fun, apróvechalo to have fun and teach you to trust you.

It is also necessary that you make several trips a day because that way you will get used to it faster and you will not be so anxious when it comes to leaving. When you overcome that anxiety, your dog will be more capable of being attentive and obeying orders. In this article we tell you how many times a day you should take your dog.


You should take him out for walks on streets with wide squares where there are stimuli that keep your dog distracted while it is loose and, above all, in an area where there is no risk of run over. The street is very dangerous and in that process of teaching your dog to walk without a leash, you should not run any danger so look for an area near your home that you see safe and in which there are enough natural stimuli to keep your pet distracted .


When you are walking without a leash, you must stop at times and call him by his name . It is a great strategy for your pet to walk and also wait for you. A good trick is to let him walk for a while, stop and call him, it is normal to turn around and wait. Afterwards, you have to continue with the ride.

You may not do it the first time, but with patience, you'll get it. You should always bring your favorite cookies with you to call it. Surely with them, your dog will listen to you.