How to teach my dog ​​to be alone at home

When a dog begins to live in a herd or with a family, the process of adaptation and familiarization is quite fast and the puppy learns quickly what role it occupies within it. We all know that dogs are social animals that spend their entire lives surrounded by other dogs, animals or people and any separation produces an effect of anxiety that if not prevented can be negative for everyone. From .com we will detail how to teach your dog to be alone at home, so that you can leave your home with total peace of mind without it translating into a drama every day.

Steps to follow:


To ensure that the dog does not live separation with anxiety you must first teach that you will always go home, this is the magic formula that will make you wait faithfully. When a dog is anxious, the separation begins to bark, moan, bite, destroy the furniture of the house, scratch the walls, etc. If your dog has already presented any of these symptoms by staying alone, it is time to get down to work and reduce that level of nervousness so that nothing happens the next time you are left alone.


Avoid the lack of exercise of your dog, take time from where you can to walk your animal daily. If you go to work, take it out and play with your dog before leaving, and that is if you leave and the dog has not spent energy, you may find some surprise when you arrive.


Avoid farewell to the maximum before leaving home. If you want your dog not assimilate your march to a drama stop letting him know through different gestures of affection that you leave. When you come back, you do not need to greet the dog as well, showing him that you have arrived. That is the formula to separate the trauma that separates them and get to teach your dog to be alone at home, and is that the animal has to understand your departure and arrival as something casual and usual and not as a problem.


Dogs are habits and routine animals . Do not alter your routine if you do not want your dog to suffer anxiety. Get used to taking it out at the same times and make the same expectations come true every day, in this way you help him develop his habits.


If when you are at home your dog always hears noise from the TV or from other people with whom you talk, try to leave it for when you leave a radio on so that the noise is familiar and not afraid of silence, this will help reduce your anxiety


Despite what many people think having another dog to keep the first company is not a good solution. The dog does not want to be left alone without you, he does not care if there are other animals with him. If you want to save yourself problems of territoriality and coexistence, do not adopt that solution to teach your dog to stay home alone, rather apply the measures that we have given you in this article and let the animal know that there is no reason to suffer, because always you will come back.