How to drive at night

If driving a vehicle we must put all our senses into what we do, at night the attention must be even greater. No matter how illuminated the road is or how powerful our lights are, visibility will always be smaller than during the day and, with this, our capacity to react to an unexpected event will be less. In .com we offer you a series of tips on how to drive at night.

Steps to follow:


Obvious: if we use glasses, do not forget them. Although it is no longer mandatory to carry another spare pair, it is recommended to do so in case the usual glasses suffer some mishap.


Before starting the march, we must check that both the headlights and the rear lights work correctly ; and both in long and short positions.


If we drive on a well-lit urban road, it will be enough to use the short lights and, only, we will have to use the long lights to warn of any circumstance to another driver or passer-by; avoiding using the horn at night.


In the event that we circulate by road, we can use the long lights for better visibility. However, we must avoid them when we are driving behind another vehicle, to avoid dazzling them, and also if a car approaches in the opposite direction. In these cases, we will only use the long lights to give you any warning.


Take into account that the lower visibility at night will make us less responsive, something that we must compensate by circulating at a lower speed.


If we are going to do long distances at night, it is recommended to connect the car radio to avoid falling asleep and stop at the first sign of drowsiness.


We will have to be rigorous with rest times, so we will try to make stops every two hours for an approximate time of ten minutes before resuming the march.