How to drive with a trailer

If you have considered incorporating a trailer to your car to go on vacation, take more luggage, transport a motorcycle, a boat or for any other reason, we already anticipate that it is not difficult to drive with a trailer. It is normal that the idea of ​​carrying a vehicle with hitch will scare you a bit, but with a series of guidelines to maneuver and prepare the vehicle you will have everything dominated. In .com, we explain how to drive with a trailer.

Steps to follow:


Before driving with a trailer you must take into account a series of recommendations, the first thing is to make sure you have the appropriate permit. For trailers of less than 750 kilos with type B permit is enough.

If your vehicle weighs 3, 500 or less and the trailer 750, and the total is less than 4, 250, you will need the type B96 permit. If your vehicle weighs 3, 500 or less, tow more than 750 and stay in the range between 4, 250 and 7, 000, you need the B + E permit. If both vehicles weigh more than 7, 000, you need the C + E truck license.


Another precaution you should consider is the insurance for your trailer . If your weight is less than 750 kilos because it is a lightweight trailer it is not necessary to insure it because it is covered by the insurance of your vehicle, however, trailers of more than 750 kilos need your insurance. Whatever the case, you must inform your company that you have installed a coupling. Before making the decision to drive a trailer, you should check that your car can transport that extra weight well, so look at the file of your vehicle and check the maximum load that can be moved.


It is important to practice before driving with a trailer to make sure you control everything well. If it's your first time, choose a wide and safe area where you can rehearse a bit. When you are going to turn back check carefully that the remoke and your car are aligned, also be careful in making tight turns of a single maneuver.

Another recommendation to start driving with a trailer is to ensure tire pressure, you must adapt the pressure to the load you are going to tow.


A good tip to consider is how to load the car and the trailer, the basic guideline is not to load too much or more than is strictly necessary. Try to lighten the trunk of the car so that it does not fall too high and do your best to try that the center of gravity of the trailer is low and in front of its wheels. This is very important because if the trailer is ahead it will not turn well.


In addition you must increase the distance with the vehicle ahead because if there was a risk of emergency braking you will need more space than usual to slow down your car. If you are going to carry a trailer you should know that if it is light (it weighs less than 750 kilos) you should not pass the ITV, although this is not an excuse for not checking it frequently and for your own safety, remember to check the fixation, the brake, the axles, wheels and lights.

Heavy trailers, with their own insurance and registration, must pass the ITV every two years from the date of registration for the first 6 years. Then you have to do it every year until the age of 10 and after this period it will have to be reviewed every 6 months.


When you drive your car with a trailer you must be very careful with the speed and the lateral wind. If you encounter crosswind or side wind, and to avoid accidents, it is best to divide the weight in the trailer, reduce the speed or if it is necessary to wait for the wind to pass. Regarding speed, both on highways and motorways with a light trailer the limit is 90 km / hour, and with a heavy trailer of 80 km / hour. On conventional roads, with paved hard shoulder of 1.50 meters or more, you can travel in both cases at 80 km / hour. In other cases outside the population, the limit is 70 km / hour. Within the city, the signaling of 50 or 30 km / hour must be respected, and on roads the maximum is 25 km / hour.


One last recommendation for proper towing is to be cautious with slopes. It is best to choose a short speed that will revolutionize the engine and force and push to start the climb.

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