How to buy a car that is not paid

The answer to how to buy a car that is not paid depends on the way the seller has used to access the money. Thus, in the case of a personal loan, you will not be affected by this circumstance when making the car. However, the same will not happen if the vehicle weighs a domain reservation derived, for example, from a lease . In .com we explain all the details about how to buy a car that is not paid.

Steps to follow:


Well, if you want to know how to buy a car that is not fully paid for which the person who is going to sell you hired a personal loan with a bank, you should know that you have no problem. In this case, the car is listed as paid before the General Directorate of Traffic and it is the person who sells it to you, who must pay the loan installments when appropriate, regardless of what happens with the car. If you are in this circumstance, you should read this article in which we explain how to buy a second-hand car.


If what you want to buy a car that is not paid and on which a reservation of ownership weighs, the question is already something more complex, but not insurmountable. This concept refers to the right that a financial institution has over a product that is not paid by those who enjoy it.


Thus, when the person you want to buy the car that is not paid access to it at the time through leasing, on the car will weigh the indicated reservation of ownership. If you request a report of the car to the DGT providing the registration, you will be able to know if this exists or if the car weighs any other type of charges.


Once you confirm that the car has a reservation of ownership, you must negotiate with the financial entity that owns that right, the one that financed the car to the person who sells it, a subrogation of the debt. In this way, you will be the one who has to pay the money owed to the financier.


Another way to solve the problem to buy the car that is not paid is that, with part of the money you give for the car, the seller liquidates the debt with the financial, so that the reservation of ownership disappears. You should assess which option interests you the most and negotiate it with the car salesperson.


The truth is that with a reservation of title you can never make a transfer of a car in the Directorate General of Traffic which means, in practice, that you can not buy the car that is not paid.