How to buy a car by renting

The renting is a way to rent a car with the possibility that there is an option to buy, but access to the ownership of the vehicle is not your goal and it is not mandatory that this alternative exists. If you want to buy a car, you may be more interested in leasing . In this article we explain the differences between renting and leasing . Now, in .com we will expose you in detail how to buy a car by renting.

Steps to follow:


Any natural or legal person can access the use of a car through this rental system. In leasing, companies can find advantages of a financial and fiscal nature.


It can be applied to any make and model of tourism and van, up to a maximum weight of 3, 500 kilograms.


Depending on the real price of the car, the services offered by the rental company and the duration of the contract, the rental fees will be one or the other amount.


Regarding the time for which the rental of the car is established, there are no minimum or maximum legal terms. However, the usual thing is that the contracts oscillate between 1 and 5 years.


You should note that in the lease contract are reflected all the services that the company offers you: insurance contracting, maintenance and repairs, taxes, if you have replacement vehicle, etc.


Usually, the documentation that you will be asked before signing the contract to buy a car through renting are the DNI, your latest payrolls and the IRPF declaration.

If you act as a company, you must provide the deed of incorporation, the declaration of corporation tax, annual accounts and VAT declaration.


If you decide to cancel the renting before the deadline set in the contract, it is possible that the company will charge you a penalty. You have to clarify this point before signing the contract.


When you have finished the rental period, you must return the car. You can have alternatives to expand the operation or to become an owner ; nevertheless, it is something that you must specify previously, since the property is not the purpose of this system of access to the use of a car.