How to buy a car in Dubai

Knowing how to buy a car in Dubai will allow you to access a market full of luxury cars at affordable prices or, at least, lower than in Spain and other countries in its environment. Of course, you must have the added costs involved in the import and the steps you will have to take to carry it out. To help you prepare this operation, in .com we give you all the keys to how to buy a car in Dubai.

Steps to follow:


The first thing is to locate the car model that interests you, what you can do through the Internet, searching like this between new and second hand cars. It is also very common to hold auctions in Dubai with second-hand luxury cars that previous owners have not been able to pay. Although as a general rule they are much cheaper than in Spain, find out how much the same model costs in this country.


Once you have made the decision, you should know that you have to meet two very important requirements to buy a car in Dubai :

  • Have a residence visa.
  • Possess a driver's license from the United Arab Emirates or an international license. In this article we explain how to get an international driver's license.


Once you have already been able to buy your car in Dubai, you will have to start the paperwork for the import. You will have to contact a customs agent to make the arrangements and provide, among other papers, the bill for the purchase of the car. As a result of the procedures, you will obtain the so-called Single Administrative Document that you will have to submit in order to register the car in Spain.


Before making this management before the General Directorate of Traffic, you must go to the Technical Inspection of Vehicles to certify that your car purchased in Dubai meets the requirements to circulate in Spain.


Finally, you must pay the registration tax before the Treasury and the corresponding circulation tax in the Town Hall in which you are registered. In this way, you will be ready to register your car purchased in Dubai.


Go, then, the DGT Headquarters that corresponds to you, after requesting an appointment, to register your car purchased in Dubai . Read this article in which we explain in detail all the steps you have to take and the documents that you have to contribute to register a foreign car in Spain. Afterwards, you will be able to travel normally with your car bought in Dubai.