How to teach my dog ​​to run by my side - infallible tips and tricks

Many people who have a pet take the opportunity to do outdoor activities with her. In fact, it is increasingly common to see runners running with their dog next to them. Obviously, this practice requires that the dog be trained because this activity is not part of his innate capacity.

When seeing them in the parks or areas to practice running, surely you have asked yourself how to teach my dog ​​to run beside me? Since we are going to give you the keys to learn and you can enjoy some magnificent training sessions.

Everything you need to run with your dog

Before starting the training with your dog, you will need a series of items for this sport practice since it is not comfortable to do with the strap that you usually use to walk it. It is also not convenient that you let it run without going subject. In this way, you will need :

  1. The ergonomic harness for dogs. So you can hold it well, but without having limited movements. In addition, he will be much more comfortable and will notice less jerking until he learns to run with you.
  2. A specific belt will also be necessary for you to stay attached to the dog. Normally, they are quite comfortable and are usually padded so they do not hurt. Even some models have pockets or compartments to keep the essential objectives such as house keys.
  3. The line of fire is another essential. This article is nothing more than the nexus between the harness and the belt, thus allowing the dog and you to unite. It is important to have it because it is made with materials that are flexible in order to avoid jerks that are abrupt. In addition, it will not harm the dog if it is necessary to stop it or else it must be pulled so that it runs more.

If you want to go by bike, in this other article we tell you how to take your dog on a bicycle.

First steps to teach my dog ​​to run beside me

When you already have the objects that we have mentioned in the previous section, surely now you will ask yourself how to teach my dog ​​to run with me? We go with the first steps.

  • The first thing you should know is that you will need patience because the process is not usually fast. A dog is not used to running with people and has to learn to do it, in addition to having to synchronize your pace, speed, distance that you can travel, and so on. You are in charge of marking those parameters through practice and according to their capacity.
  • The process must be done little by little. The first days work so that I can walk by your side and follow the same rhythm. Little by little, you see lightening the pace to go faster and start running.
  • It is important that until the dog learns to run with you take it to places where the route is easy and there is good visibility. This way you can concentrate more on learning. It always prevents the itinerary from having curves. It is better to travel with straight lines, although dogs are not used to running like that. But learning will be better.
  • You should also control it and guide it a lot at the beginning. The safest thing is that you want to run to any area that catches your attention, crosses, goes ahead, is left behind, et cetera. In any of these situations, what you must do is to redirect your position and indicate where you have to stand while you are taking it to the side and the correct position.

How to teach my dog ​​to run with me with motivation

Motivation is another key in the techniques to teach your dog to run with you. Do not forget that, in some aspects, it's like people. Or have you ever needed to motivate yourself to go to the gym or do any other activity? Well, the dog, anyway.

And, how do you motivate the dog? It's simple. For example, you can talk to him and say phrases like he is doing very well, encourage him to run more and reward him with caresses or gestures of affection when he has run correctly so that he knows what he does well.

You can also give some prize in the form of candy, but you should be careful because it is not good for the dog to eat while it is running or immediately after having made the physical effort.

With these tips we hope to have answered your question of how to teach my dog ​​to run next to me? Anyway, do not forget to check with the veterinarian if it is convenient to perform this type of activities according to your health so there is no problem. In addition, this professional, like the trainers of dogs, can guide you in the learning process.