How to place the child seat in the car

Knowing how to install the child seat in the car is very important so that it is possible to travel in the company of the smallest of the house . It requires a lot of care and attention so that the chair is installed efficiently and so we do not have any kind of surprise. At the end of the day, if something worries us when we travel with children it is that they can be as comfortable and safe as possible. In .com we are going to tell you what you have to do to place the child seat in the car and travel with them safely.

Steps to follow:


Choose the chair you need. Do it based on the weight of the baby : model 0+ for children who weigh less than 13 kg and model I for children up to 18 kg. The child should not wear excessive clothing so as not to affect the restraint system once placed.


The O + model has to be placed not looking at the gear, but in the opposite direction. This is because it is the safest position if we think of the baby, who will not suffer any inconvenience or problem, especially in the neck. The model I chair can be placed in both directions, but in this case it is also recommended to put it against the march, as long as the chair allows it to do so.


To know how to place the child seat in the car, we must choose the seats in the back. It is safer for them and, in this way, avoid distracting the driver, something that is already known to be very dangerous. Different positions can be adopted: vertical if we want the child to be active or reclined to help the child to sleep. In all cases you have to tighten the seat belt for better results.


Depending on the type of chair it is important to configure its characteristics, such as if it has Isofix technology or safety cushion. The chairs with Isofix are safer and more advanced, but they are also more expensive.


Check how to place the child seat in the car to make sure everything is fine. If the child gets out of the chair, we must check what has failed and solve it. Safety is fundamental and it is also important to have the child well guarded so that nothing happens to him.