How to exchange your driving license

The exchange of driving licenses is a strictly necessary procedure for foreign persons who do not belong to the European Union and who reside in Spain for a period of more than 6 months. However, it is also a procedure that can be requested by citizens belonging to a country of the European Union and who wish to obtain the equivalent permit to drive on Spanish roads. In all cases, it is necessary to be aware of the requirements and documents necessary to carry out this procedure, so in the following article we have details on how to exchange your driver's license .

Where to go to exchange your driving license

If we want to exchange the driver's license, first we must go to the Provincial Traffic Headquarters closest to us and, at the appropriate information desk, request the necessary form to carry out this procedure.

The person who attends us there will provide us with a telephone number to which we must call to request a previous appointment . It is advisable to try to call early in the morning, as the line is usually quite collapsed.

Prior appointment system to exchange your driver's license

Other options to request an appointment to redeem the driver's license is to do so through the website of the DGT. It is a service that is only enabled for residents in Spain from countries such as Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, the Philippines, Guatemala, Macedonia, Morocco, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Serbia, Ukraine, Uruguay and Venezuela.

To carry out this online process, we will only need to indicate the NIF or NIE and those data that are requested according to our country of origin.

Documentation to present to redeem the driver's license

Once we have obtained the previous appointment to carry out the exchange of the driving license, we must take into account the following documentation, which must be presented at the corresponding Traffic Headquarters .

  • Application in official form issued by the Provincial Traffic Headquarters.
  • Original and photocopy of the DNI, passport or NIE in force, that proves your residence or condition of student in Spain.
  • Psychophysical aptitude report, previously performed in a Medical Center authorized to carry out the recognition of drivers. This report will be issued directly by the appropriate center to the Provincial Traffic Headquarters.
  • Two current photographs of the applicant, must be carnet size and on a white background.
  • Original driving license and 2 photocopies.
  • Payment of the corresponding rate.
  • Written declaration that there is no license or license of the same category as that requested in Spain.
  • Written declaration that the permit is fully valid, valid and authentic.