How to exchange the Argentine driver's license in Spain

Redeeming the Argentine driving license in Spain is a procedure that you can carry out easily if you are well informed of everything you need. You will have to ask for documents from your country and get others in Spain. If it is a professional type card, you will also need to do practical tests before your permit can be exchanged . So that you can do the procedure in the least cumbersome way possible, in .com we explain in detail how to exchange the Argentine driver's license in Spain.

Steps to follow:


Argentina is one of the countries with which Spain has an agreement to exchange the driving license . However, there are two cases in which you will not be able to do so:

  • When you have obtained the permit in Argentina once you were already a legal resident in Spain.
  • When the Argentine driver's license is actually the result of the exchange of the permit in Argentina with a third country with which Spain does not have an agreement.


This procedure to exchange the Argentine driver's license in Spain is one of those that needs a prior appointment. To do this, you must call 060 or enter the website of the Traffic Department and request it. You must indicate the Provincial Headquarters to which you will go to do the management.


The price of the Argentinean driver's exchange in Spain is just over 88.50 euros in case you have to do a practical test. If it is not necessary, just over 27.10 euros will suffice.

At this point, you should know that you will only need to do a practical circulation test in case you want to exchange the C, C + E or D permits. In the DGT they will inform you how to do the practical test. If you want to change the A, B, B + E cards or a BTP authorization, you do not need to do anything other than administrative procedures.


Before going to the Provincial Headquarters of the DGT for which you requested a previous appointment in order to exchange the Argentine card in Spain, you will have to obtain a psychophysical aptitude report, something that you can do in a recognition center for drivers authorized by the DGT . There, they will be responsible for sending it to the DGT telematically. So, they will have it when you go to exchange the card .


Once you go to the DGT, you must take the following documents:

  • Residence card.
  • Driver's License.
  • Photography of 32x26 millimeters.
  • Talon foto, that you provide in the Headquarters, completed and signed.


You should know that the Argentine driver's license of class E2 can not be exchanged in Spain, because there is no equivalence; the same thing happens with the Argentine card of class F. In the case of the Argentine permit B1, its equivalent is the Spanish license B, although with the restriction that it can not tow a trailer.


Once you deliver all these documents to exchange the Argentine driver's license in Spain, at the Provincial Headquarters of the DGT they will give you a proof that you have presented them. With this paper, you must go to the nearest Argentine Consulate and present it with a certificate of driving history that you must have ordered in Argentina. It is very important that this last document, when leaving Argentina, bears the Apostille of the Hague so that the exchange can be authorized.


After several weeks and if the Consulate has authenticated your Argentine driving license, the General Directorate of Traffic will give you your provisional Spanish driving license, waiting for you to manufacture the definitive one.