How to change the wheel of a car

There are many car drivers around the world, there are many people who every day drive their car to work, to a friend's house, to go on a weekend, to go on vacation. When people study to get their driving license, they study the road rules, car mechanics, road safety, do their driving practices, but very few who once have the driver's license in their possession know how to change the wheel of a car . A thing that a priori seems so easy, and so difficult that it is for some when they are faced with the situation of having to change the wheel of their car.

You will need to:
  • cat
  • screw to unscrew
  • spare wheel
Steps to follow:


When you find yourself in the situation of having to change the wheel of your car, first of all you should be calm and keep calm because getting nervous in these cases is not going to help you.


Check the instruction manual of your car to see the exact point where you must position the cat (which is the tool used to lift the car). Normally you will find the cat along with the spare wheel of your car, which is usually located in the back of your vehicle, specifically in the bottom of your trunk.


You have to place the jack at the positioning point indicated in the instruction manual, and lift it until it has contact with the vehicle.


Make sure that the cat is positioned correctly in the indicated place, firm and in a flat part. Otherwise you must repeat the action until so, because if you can not run a high risk of hurting yourself.


Drive the jack, lifting your vehicle until the flat tire of your vehicle begins to want to get up off the ground.


Then with the key, loosen a little the screws that hold the punctured wheel. Do not loosen them completely, just a little.


Re-activate the jack by lifting the vehicle until the flat tire is about 15cm from the ground. Do not stop at the moment when the wheel no longer touches the ground, remember that the wheel that you are going to replace is totally inflated and will require more space to install it than the flat tire .


Fully loosen the screws of the flat tire, remove them and then you can remove the flat tire.


Place the new wheel in the place where the one that you have removed previously was. To do this you must put the first screw and help yourself with this to place the orientation of all the ajugeros where the rest of the screws should go.


Place the rest of the screws and you have to squeeze them all equally, so that the wheel is placed balanced.


Once you have placed and tightened all the screws equally, you can now operate the jack and lower the vehicle completely until the wheel is completely on the ground and you can remove and store the jack.


Finally, once you have the car stabilized and with the wheels on the ground, tighten all the screws of the new wheel very hard . Make sure you do this correctly, because your security depends on it.

  • Once you have changed the flat tire, you can go directly to a mechanic to have it repaired. Do not do many kilometers with the spare wheel punctured, because if you get bad punches another wheel remember that you have no more spare.