How to change the Spanish registration for the German

The economic situation has caused many Spaniards to have decided to emigrate to Germany . Even though the two nations are from the European Union, if you are also going to emigrate and you are going to take your Spanish car to the German country, you will have to re-register it to carry the German regulatory plates. It is a procedure that can be complicated if you are not well informed, that is why in .com we explain how to change the Spanish registration for the German one.

Steps to follow:


Registration plates must be changed if you are going to be in Germany for more than 6 months. There are two exceptions:

  • Students.
  • Workers with the category of cross-border.


Before going to change the plates, you must make a series of steps to carry all the necessary documents. First, you must get provisional car insurance in Germany and get a proof that you have it.


Then, even if your car has the last ITV in Spain, you must pass the German homologous test. You will present the Spanish ITV card and the registration certificate. The cost of this procedure is around 90 euros.


Then, you can go to the German traffic office to change the Spanish registration for the German one . In addition to the supporting documents of the two previous procedures and the Spanish documentation of the car, you must provide:

  • Verification of registration in the German municipality in which you reside.
  • Printed of the German circulation tax.
  • ID card or passport.
  • The Spanish license plates (it is convenient that you take a screwdriver to remove them).


After this procedure, for which you will have to pay something more than 40 euros, you will already have a German registration number of the car, but not even your license plates, but a receipt that allows you to go and buy them. They will give you a document that proves that you already have the car registered in Germany .


With the receipt, you can now go and buy your plates of the German license plate of the car. They cost 35 euros and you can buy them in specialized stores, which are usually next to the traffic offices.


Then, return to the German traffic office with your license plates, to be stamped. Afterwards, you can put them on the car.

They will give you already the German documentation of your car, one part is for you to take it in the vehicle and the other one, that proves the ownership of the vehicle, it is preferable that you keep it at home.


The rest of the procedures, in addition to making German insurance definitively, must be carried out by the Spanish authorities:

  • Cancel the car in the DGT.
  • Unsubscribe Spanish insurance.