How to calm driving anxiety

While some people drive relaxes them, others -not a few- the mere thought of sitting in front of a vehicle causes us a concern that can become an anxiety difficult to control when performing an action many times inevitable. In .com we offer you a series of tips on how to calm driving anxiety .

Start alone

Although feeling accompanied can offer us security, it is convenient that we drive alone, without any occupant, so that we can concentrate completely on the activity we are doing. Many times, the anxiety we have is transmitted to the co-pilot, who will end up giving us warnings about our driving that, in turn, will generate more insecurity. We are the ones who must face the activity that generates so much anxiety.

Go by little traffic routes

One of the great difficulties of driving is the circulation along with other vehicles and pedestrians, in short, subject to the vicissitudes of circulation. For this reason, it is important that, at the beginning, until we manage to calm our anxiety, we go through little traveled routes until we gain confidence and we see ourselves with security to respond to the vicissitudes of the circulation in the city.

We control the machine

When we sit behind the wheel of a vehicle, we must be fully aware that we are the ones who control the machine, so we have the power over it. A full knowledge of how a car works, even on mechanical issues, will help us to calm the anxiety since we will feel more capable of responding to a possible problem.

Turn off phones, GPS and radio

To avoid that nothing distracts us from driving, it is recommended that we turn off the mobile phone, the radio, the GPS and any other electronic device that we are pending in case it sounds. This is a tip to calm the anxiety, but we must also take into account the rules of circulation regarding the use of these devices.


In the event that anxiety exceeds us and we can not give an answer to our problem when driving, there are numerous courses that offer us professional and experienced help so that we can relax at the time of getting in front of a vehicle .