How to teach the dog to do his needs outside the home

Do you want to teach your dog to do his things outside ? Well, keep reading, whether it's a puppy or an adult, your pet should not get used to doing it inside. The need to urinate in the interior may be due to territorial marking, or because there is a female nearby, but both are specific events. The important thing is to pay attention when this behavior becomes a constant. In .com we tell you how to teach the dog to do his needs outside the home .

Steps to follow:


It may be that the animal pees due to the presence of a female or to the marking and, to control this, with a simple stimulus of aversion or with a quick cleaning of the site that has marked it will be able to be solved. But if your dog goes out 3 or 4 times a day, for a considerable time and keeps doing it at home, you will have to get down to work to modify this behavior.

You must not forget that this is an educational effort that you must make since your pet is small . You will have to take him to the right place to evacuate and then reward him with praise and prizes. And even if it is not a puppy, it is an effort that you should also do.

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There are some dogs that have some insecurity or feel intimidated, so they urinate as a sign of submission to their human. If you notice this fearful behavior in your dog, put yourself at his height, do not look him directly in the eyes and speak softly. With patience and care the attitude of your dog will change and stop urinating or defecating anywhere.

To teach your dog to do his needs outside the home, you have to teach him the exact place to do it. The first and fundamental thing is to prevent inadequate stools, that is, when you are not at home you should leave your dog in a limited space, for example in a booth with a door. Your pet by nature will want to perform their needs away from the place where you sleep and a little later will develop a more hygienic habit.

If you restrict the space you will get your natural behaviors done in a protected area and not throughout the house. So you encourage their preference to do them in a specific place.


To start educating your dog so that it needs to be done in one place, you must remove it first thing in the morning from the place where it sleeps, put the collar and the strap to walk around. Go to the street and look for the area where you want to make them, when you get to this site, you must remove the strap and encourage him to leave.

This you only have to do if your dog is trained and is able to come to your call. If this is not the case, do not let go of it, but withdraw from its side leaving the strap somewhat loose. You must encourage him and say his name next to the order that tells him to go to the bathroom. Stay still but if it does not stop approaching you, go a little and do not pay attention.

Give him a little time, if you see that he does not leave your side or go to play, you call him and go home. When I get back, tell him to sit down, put the collar on and go home.


Each time your pet pees or defecates, he flatters his behavior in the most effusive and obvious way, that you notice that you are happy with what he has just done. When your dog realizes that you reward him every time he makes his needs out of the house, he will always do it there.

If your dog does not relieve himself, go back home and let him stay in his house for a while longer. After a while, take your dog away from home to the same place where you want him to pee or defecate; If he does, always remember to give him a good prize. If, for example, you just peed, you will have to repeat the operation and go back down to make your depositions on the street. The dog must have done everything to let it loose at home.

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As the owner of your pet, you must choose the best time to take your dog for a walk and do everything necessary. At the end of the day, you can determine your routine to go to the toilet, thanks to the prizes and the time of confinement in a small space. With patience, you will get it.