How to act in front of a stop sign

The stop sign is the most feared for beginners and, especially, for all those who will be examined to obtain a driver's license . This sign indicates that it is mandatory to stop, but the situation and circumstance must be taken into account. Do not miss the explanations of how to act before a stop sign if you want to successfully pass your exam and then be a good driver.

Steps to follow:


First of all, keep in mind that the stop is a mandatory signal that indicates stop if there is no sign painted on the road or if you are just before a crossing.


From the moment we see the stop sign, we must slow down little by little by the time we get to the same stop and not have to do it in a violent way.


If before the stop sign there is no line of detention at a crossroads, what we must do then is stop and yield to all those vehicles that are approaching said crossing. Once they finish passing, you can resume the march.


When we brake at the stop, if necessary, we must indicate with the turn signals which direction we intend to turn so that the rest of the drivers get used to the idea and avoid possible incidents.


It should be noted that a stop is not a yield, so the stop of the vehicle must be total . Even if cars do not come from the other directions, we will have to interrupt the march completely and resume it by making sure that no vehicles are approaching.


Skipping a stop is a violation punishable by law and is a fine.

  • Always stop at the stop, never skip it even if cars do not come.