How to find dogs to adopt

Of the dogs that enter the shelters, 60 percent have to be sacrificed because they are not adopted and because of the number of new animals that are brought every day. There just is not enough space to keep them all. Animal shelters and sanctuaries are ideal places to look for a dog that might otherwise be sacrificed. Follow the instructions below to help you in your search .

Steps to follow:


Check with your local municipality to locate animal shelters in your area . Municipal shelters usually vaccinate and sterilize animals before making them available for approval.

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Look on community bulletin boards, at local dog stores that need a new home. Local newspapers and publications can also have pet adoption sections in their classified ads.


Look for other non-profit animal shelters and rescue groups in your area to find available dogs. Some rescue groups specialize in shelter of specific breeds, such as greyhounds or Pit Bull Terrier dogs.


If you are looking for a specific breed, but can not afford to buy a dog from a breeder, you may be able to find a rescue group that has the breed you want.

  • Choose a breed that suits your lifestyle. If you are at work all day, it would not be appropriate to have a dog that needs a lot of company, if you are low energy, do not choose a dog that requires a lot of exercise. If you have children, it is important to find a dog that is trustworthy around you.
  • Do some research so that you know what involves the possession of a dog. Make sure you have the necessary finances and resources before making this commitment, which can last 15 or more years.