How to eliminate fleas in newborn cats

Do you have newborn kittens at home or very young and have you noticed that they have fleas? Then, you will be thinking how to take them off without hurting them, something that may seem complicated at first. The first thing you have to keep in mind in these cases is that you can not use the same antiparasitic products that you use with your adult cats, because they are toxic to them and can make you sick and even die. So, the best thing you can do if your baby cats have fleas, as well as surely their mother, is to talk to your trusted veterinarian as soon as possible to check your general health and tell you if there is anything else to treat or not and which It is the best method to use in your specific case, which can even be a different one according to each kitten and its individual health.

In this article we want to inform you about how to eliminate fleas in newborn cats and a few months and give you a lot of advice on how to handle this situation.

Flea symptoms in newborn cats

If you want to know if your cat has fleas you need to pay attention to a series of basic symptoms, although being a newborn some symptoms may seem less obvious at first, because it moves and expresses much less than a cat of a few months or already adult. Thus, among the main symptoms of pylgas in newborn cats or of a few months we highlight:

  • See fleas: if you look carefully at the fur of your kittens, in case you have some fleas you will see them walking and jumping through the mantle of the small cat, something that will be much more obvious the more parasites there are. You will see small black spots that move very fast and that even jump from one area of ​​hair to another. It will be easier to see them if you look well in the areas where these parasites tend to lodge, such as the armpits, the neck, the belly and the genital area.
  • See feces of fleas: if you move a little the fur of the kitten and even if you wet it a little, you will see small black spots that are totally still. It is not the fleas, but their feces, which indicates that there is presence of these parasites in the hair of your feline. You will also be able to see them in the blanket or bed in which they usually sleep.
  • Constant scratching: like any cat when they have fleas, the little ones will scratch, but if they are still newborns and have less than two weeks, they surely can not scratch well with their legs. In that case, what you will see clearly is that they rub against the mother, her brothers and against the blanket or bed in which they are, in addition to emitting constant moans.

In the following lines we will discuss how to eliminate fleas in small cats, but before we will clarify some important points in their deworming.

Why anti-flea products do not work for newborn cats

Surely you have thought about the products to eliminate fleas in cats, but as we have indicated at the beginning these are not suitable for newborn cats . Of course, there are products for adult cats and for kittens a few months, but even those that are for the little ones are too powerful for the health of newborns. If you are looking for a cat pipette for 1 month, there is not.

Specifically, both shampoos, collars, pipettes and antiparasitic drugs are not suitable for cats less than 3 months, only from that age can apply. For example, antiparasitic pipettes can be applied after 3 months and as long as the kitten weighs more than 1 kg.

How to remove fleas from newborn cats

Now that you know that to eliminate fleas from newborn kittens you can not use the usual products to externally deworm cats, then you will probably ask yourself " how to remove fleas from a cat of 1 month or 2 months ?" or " how to remove fleas from a very small dog ?" Do not despair, because you can treat it in other ways that are suitable for a kitten and that are equally effective. To do it correctly, you must follow these steps to eliminate fleas in newborn cats and less than three months:

  1. Warm water bath: it will help you to be able to wash it well since the external parasites leave your coat. The water should not be cold or hot, since the newborn cats are very sensitive to temperature and the water should be as close as possible to your body.
  2. Shampoo for small cats: soap your cat well with shampoo for kittens, never use shampoo of people, and do it with gentle massage and prevents foam from entering the ears and eyes. Rinse well with warm water, avoiding using a strong jet and water to reach the ears and eyes, because you have to avoid problems in them, such as otitis.
  3. Comb to remove fleas: they are combs with very fine and special barbs to collect and remove fleas and lice from the fur, as well as their larvae and eggs. Pass the fleece comb loosely all over the kitten's body, very carefully, especially on the face.
  4. Get rid of the fleas: just as you are removing them from the fur of your feline you will have to eliminate the fleas completely, and also to their eggs, but in a short time they will be in the fur of the same kitten and the rest of the litter, in the mother and other pets or even in you.
  5. Dry the kitten well: when you finish deworming the newborn cat, you will have to dry it very well with clean towels. It is very important that you do not get wet, since your health is delicate and could get sick. You will have to do this process with each kitten in the litter if there are several.

How to eliminate fleas from the mother of the kittens

If you have the kittens with fleas next to their mother, it is vital that you also deworm the mother of the affected small cats, as well as the rest of the animals that you have at home. To eliminate fleas from the newborn or lactating cat, and from other pets that you have that are older than 3 months, antipulgas products are advised, but try to use the one prescribed by the veterinarian and in the dose indicated.

However, for the cat that is feeding their newborns, always use flea products for suckling cats, which are also suitable for pregnant cats, but never generic for adult cats because through breast milk these substances can affect to the little ones If you do not find these products in the area where you live, we recommend that you eliminate the fleas of the lactating cat in the same way as in the kittens, with the steps of before and / or with the remedies that we explain below.

Home remedies for fleas in baby cats

Apart from the bath with warm water and soap that we have explained before, if you keep asking " how to get rid of my baby cat fleas ?" because you want to apply more than one remedy to be sure you do not have more parasites, take note of the following lines. These are the best home remedies for fleas in newborn cats and less than 3 months old.


Petroleum jelly is a dense and oily product that will not harm the cat and is effective in eliminating fleas, since it immobilizes them and is easier to remove, it can even kill them by paralyzing them and preventing them from functioning normally. Simply, when you detect an area of ​​your child with these parasites apply a bit of Vaseline with your finger, which will cover them and you will find it much easier to remove them with the flea comb. When you finish you will have to bathe the child well to remove this product completely.


Vegetable and essential oils are perfect to scare away these parasites and even eliminate them. Apply a few drops of lavender, eucalyptus, thyme or rosemary essential oil in a little olive oil. Apply the mixture of one of these essential oils with the olive oil in key areas, where it will affect the parasites but not your hairy one. These areas are where you can not lick the small cat, such as the cross or nape.

Apple vinager

This organic product repels fleas and is suitable for small cats. If you wonder how to eliminate fleas in newborn cats with vinegar take note because it is very easy. You have to dilute it a lot, specifically 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar for 1 glass of large water. Then you have to moisten a cotton cloth in this mixture and gently rub the little one all over the body, except on the face, with a gentle massage. You will see how fleas leave their hair and, therefore, it is convenient that you make this remedy outside your home, for example in the garden.


Another remedy for fleas in newborn cats is chamomile or chamomile, as it also repels them. You just have to make an infusion of chamomile, then let it cool and, when you notice it at room temperature, moisten a cloth or cloth to gently massage the kitten all over without getting soaked. Finally, let it dry just so you have done the maximum effect and then you can make a warm water bath and dry it well.

How to eliminate fleas at home

To finish, you will have to make sure that there are no more areas in your house where there may be fleas or their eggs, because if you do not do it in a few days you will have an infestation and your pets will also suffer.

For this we recommend that, once your kittens no longer have fleas, you take them to another place for a few days, to another house, to then be able to fumigate or do a thorough cleaning without danger that the products can harm them. .

Here we leave you many more suggestions on How to eliminate fleas from our home.