How to eliminate fleas in pets

Having a pet at home is always a great joy, they are faithful companions and provide us with many hours of love and fun. But we all know that they need care to be free of diseases and parasites like the dreaded fleas, especially if you have dogs and cats. In .com we give you some solutions so you know how to eliminate fleas in pets and keep your animals healthy and happy.

Steps to follow:


First you should check your pet periodically, do not expect the veterinarian to do it for you. Check your back, throat area or stomach at least twice a month. If you see small black spots in the form of "way" it is possible that you have fleas because this is the trace that they usually leave


If you confirm that you have fleas then call your veterinarian and ask him / her what is the recommended treatment, there are different brands in different presentations, he will tell you which one is the best for the animal. You can also ask at a specialized pet store


NEVER use a product intended for a species in another animal, for example flea remedies for cats are special for them and dogs are the same, if you apply to your cat a dog could make you sick and even die, so much attention


Always read the indications of the product before buying it, there are minimum ages for its use as well as contraindications (as in the case of human medicines). Do not apply anything to your pet until you are sure you can use it


You must attack two fronts: kill the parasites and prevent the eggs from hatching, the product you buy should have this double action otherwise it will be difficult to exterminate them in full


If you have several pets you should treat them all with anti-flea products because they may be infected even if they do not keep in direct contact, the idea is to prevent the parasite from continuing to advance


In addition you must disinfect the entire cas to especially furniture and carpets as the fleas get occupy a large area of ​​territory in a short time and proliferate quickly as they get to put up to 50 eggs a day


Apply a preventive treatment every so often, consult your veterinarian about this subject