How to choose and maintain the cat litter box

Cats are characterized by their independent nature and because they are very clean animals, and it is precisely this tendency to cleanliness that makes their litter box a sacred space that must always be properly prepared . If a new cat has arrived at your house and you do not know where to start, in .com we give you some important keys so you can discover how to choose and maintain your feline's sandbox .

Steps to follow:


The litter box or sanitary tray is what allows that it is not necessary to take our cat for a walk so that it meets their needs, hence its choice and maintenance is so important


When buying a litter box takes into account its size, it must be large enough so that the cat fits completely and comfortably once it reaches adulthood


The walls of the litter box must also be high so that when the animal uses it and moves the sand inside it does not end up on the floor outside the tray. The material of this one has to allow an easy washing, for that reason dedicate yourself to evaluate well the characteristics of each product before decidirte to buy a


The sand must absorb the liquid and odors effectively, you must also ensure that it does not stick to the hair of your cat, so it will not be dispersed throughout your house after the animal finishes using the box


The sandbox can not go anywhere in your home, you must choose a point that is quiet and preferably with little circulation so that the animal can relieve itself calmly. Take into account that the cat must be able to go to its box during any time of the day, so access to the place is important


The litter box should be cleaned daily by removing the excrement, while, when wet, the sand should be removed, leaving the box empty in half and then filling with new sand.


You should know that cats do not like to find a dirty litter box in poor condition, when this happens, it is normal for them to do their needs outside of it, in any other place in the house, so it is necessary that the keep clean for them