How to choose a rabbit as a pet

Rabbits are very nice animals that can become the ideal pet to take care of and enjoy their company. If you are thinking about acquiring a rabbit as a pet, you must consider a series of things in advance to find the perfect animal for you. In this article we will help you with a small guide on how to choose a rabbit as a pet .

Steps to follow:


Before choosing a rabbit as a pet you should know that there are many breeds of rabbits. There are rabbits more calm, nervous, affectionate, self-sufficient, temperamental, etc. so it is necessary to consult an expert to choose the animal according to your preferences.


Size is another factor to consider when purchasing a rabbit as a pet. Depending on the space you have in your home, you can determine if the smaller or larger breeds are better. It is also important to be clear about where the rabbit will live, whether in a cage inside the house, in the garden or on the balcony, since, for example, large rabbits can be loose, as they are not as vulnerable as small ones.


What do I choose male or female? This is a very common question when choosing a rabbit as a pet. The reality is that when they are too young, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish if it is a male or female rabbit since the differences are very slight. As they grow, the differences are more evident.


In this sense, the only thing you should take into account is that in male rabbits sterilization can be avoided, although all mature rabbits operated are usually calmer and more affectionate. But in the case that we want to avoid that our pet breeds, it is always advisable to castrate the females since they are more prone to suffer diseases and develop destructive behaviors.


The time you have to take care of your rabbit is something that you should also keep in mind if you are going to acquire one as a pet. There are certain breeds such as the Angora English rabbit that has a large amount of hair that requires constant care, need a regular brushing and a haircut in summer to withstand the heat.


Finally, if we want to have a healthy and strong animal it is essential to check some details of the appearance of a rabbit before choosing it as a pet.

  • Check that the rabbit is neither too fat nor thin, that the parts of its body are not swollen and that it has no injury .
  • The coat of the rabbit should be uniform, there should be no hairless areas or spots on the skin.
  • The ears of the animal should have a pink color and not be hurt.
  • The eyes of the rabbit should be bright and free of legaƱas.
  • See also that the teeth are clean and well aligned.