How to choose a hamster

Hamsters are animals that barely occupy space and, in addition, do not require excessive attention . This is why they are a very appropriate pet for children, since they themselves can take care of these small rodents. At the time of acquiring one, it will be necessary to take into account some factors; In .com we tell you some tips on how to choose a hamster.

Steps to follow:


You must acquire your hamster in a specialized store or a person of confidence who is dedicated to the breeding of these animals.


A healthy hamster with vitality will move nimbly and be attentive to everything that surrounds it. Your hair will be spongy, especially around the anus, and your eyes will be dark and bright.


It is recommended to choose a young specimen, due to its short life expectancy; you should notice that the ears are raised and covered with fluff inside.


They are animals capable of living perfectly without company, and you should bear in mind that if you opt for two males, they will end up fighting to defend their territory. In case you acquire a partner, you should bear in mind that hamsters are animals that reproduce a lot and very often, so they will have a large number of offspring.


You should discard those rodents that have wet tail, swelling or impurities in the mouth, legs, ears or nose and excessively dry or wet snout.


Once you have chosen your ideal hamster, you must know how to take care of it so that it grows healthy and happy.