Tips for organizing a wedding at home

If you have a large space at home or you are one of those who prefer an intimate marriage and with love of insurance you will have already evaluated the possibility of celebrating your union in your home or in the family or friend. This is a great idea but it requires planning and fine-tuning details, so in .com we give you some tips to organize a wedding at home and make this day a perfect moment.

Steps to follow:


For your wedding at home to be perfect you must plan everything in advance and anticipate that if for example you have chosen the garden as the main space you should not let the weather surprise you. Place awnings and also a platform so that your guests can walk at ease


Maybe your house, a family member or friend is perfect to celebrate your wedding but you should also think that there are parking spaces or parking spaces in the vicinity of the place. Otherwise you must hire a transport service to transfer guests from the parking to the place of the event


Organizing your wedding in a house allows you to be flexible and creative, for example you can prepare a space for children to have fun or give your guests a small thank you for having attended your wedding. What you save in the rent of a living room or farm you can invest it to make your celebration a more special moment


Before planning all the details of the wedding in a house make sure that the place has basic aspects such as: enough current for musicians and sound equipment as well as the electrical capacity to support many devices connected at the same time, a space for innkeepers and catering staff, enough space to place the tables, place for a stage to dance. Details that you must not forget


You must also enable a space to store and cook food, usually the company in charge is used to celebrations in homes so they will provide a list of requirements that you can check if you meet or not


Do not forget to choose the right catering company that also offers a professional service that allows your guests to be served at all times and in good hands and to make you relax enjoying this day with your loved ones


Surround yourself with a team of professionals you can trust and get ready to enjoy this special day without the slightest concern