How to choose dog toys

Dogs need to play and if you care about the welfare and development of your pet, you should encourage that gaming instinct as usual. You must interact with your pet to stimulate your intelligence, improve your physical condition and health, and you will strengthen the bond with your dog. One of the ways to strengthen the relationship with your dog and have a great time is by using the appropriate toys. So you know how to do it in this article we explain how you should choose the dog's toys.

Steps to follow:


The game is one of the best ways to establish a strong bond with your dog. In addition, it is one of the most important activities for your dog to grow strong, healthy, intelligent and full of self-esteem. But you should know that not all toys are appropriate for a dog, you must take into account factors such as behavior, age, activity level and size, in order to choose the best toy adapted to your needs.

To begin and although it is obvious, toys must be designed for dogs. You can not give anything to your pet to play, because it may hurt or even intoxicate. If your dog swallows a piece, you can take a considerable scare and you may get a bowel obstruction, among other problems.


You should consider very seriously that if a dog is very restless and has a lot of free time, he will need a strong and almost indestructible toy . With a strong accessory, you will spend a lot of time distracted and you will prevent your dog from taking objects from home or focusing on the furniture to satisfy his needs for playful activity. A good option are toy bones for dogs that are very resistant, some are bright, you can fill them with sweets, and your dog can bite with desire.

For very active pets, there is a wide variety of very interesting toys such as flying discs or balls, with which you can train your dog and spend a great time unleashing their desire to run and jump.


When it comes to a puppy, there are many types of toys to exercise the jaws and teeth. There are toys with shapes and flavored with different flavors so that at the same time that they strengthen their teeth, they play and they are distracted. It is very important to choose a size appropriate to the morphology of your pet while it suits your specific needs. When they are small, you should look at the filling because this will determine the quality and the useful life of it. The ideal accessories should be filled with fiber such as polyester to be flexible, last longer and be neutral, in order to avoid poisoning if swallowed.

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When you must choose toys for your dog, you will also have to choose between different materials such as stuffed toys-nylon, latex, rubber and vinyl. For example, stuffed toys or plush toys are highly recommended for puppies because of their softness and texture. Thus, your denture will not be harmed or there will be a risk of obstructions to be cotton. Another advisable material is 100% latex, it is still more resistant and nothing harmful for the health of your pet.


Rubber toys are heavy and very rigid for puppy dogs, but ideal for adults because of their durability and because they do not deform easily with intense activity. But what you should keep in mind is that when manufactured with materials that are not natural, can be harmful to your dog's digestive system. If you want to buy this type of toy, you should notice that it is made of natural rubber, this is noticeable by the special smell it gives off.

On the other hand, toys made of vinyl can be said to be the most consistent and heavy designed for older dogs. What you should know is that this material can not be digested and must have enough thickness, weight and texture so that there is no accident.


When you buy a toy for your dog, keep these aspects in mind and make sure that they are approved accessories for canine use, that do not put your health or integrity at risk and that, of course, are fun and stimulating.

One last recommendation that we want to give you is that you do not let him play with objects that you have at home and that could be dangerous. Beware of any toy that has been painted with suspicious paint, do not let it take toys for children that are not appropriate for dogs. Stuffed animals are very typical gifts for dogs, but they can become very dangerous if you swallow the outer fabric or the cotton of the stuffing, as your pet is at risk of suffocation or even suffer from intestinal obstruction.

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