How to choose cat toys

The truth is that a cat is entertained with anything: a tape, a box, the shopping bag that we just made. But it is also true that if we choose the right toys for our cat, we can save scratches on chairs and furniture in our house. In .com we explain how to choose cat toys.

Steps to follow:


The age of our cat is an important factor when buying a toy . The rattle-like balls that make noise when rolling will be funny to the smaller kittens, however they will not be attractive for a young or adult cat.


All those toys that have some hanging element that our cat can hit and that will return to hit him again are a sure success. There are many modalities and will allow our pet to be entertained and exercise at the same time.


It is very interesting that we buy our cat a toy that contains some rough area that the animal can use to file their nails. Especially, if we get used to it as a child, we will save ourselves dislikes in the form of scratches all over the house.


The toys that contain lights fascinate our cats, but they are not very recommendable because they make the cat go into a high state of excitement that does not suit him or us. In any case, if we buy it, we must limit its use.


Teddies are an option that is usually successful, whatever the age of the cat. The doll serves our cat to simulate hunting scenes by appealing to its most primal instinct.

  • In general, to ensure the safety of our pet, it is recommended that we buy the toys at a specialized pet store.