How to choose plants for an aquarium

It is clear that an aquarium with natural plants is the most colorful and attractive, an almost hypnotic spectacle for many lovers of fish tanks. Anyway, when it comes to knowing the vegetation that we must introduce in our water tank, we must take into account some vital factors. That's why in .com we teach you how to choose plants for an aquarium .

Artificial plants or natural plants

The decorative power of vegetation for our aquarium is undoubted and it is true that the market offers us a great variety of artificial plants, sometimes of enormous realism, that will enhance the beauty of our fish tank and allow us to create a space nice without many headaches.

The main advantage that artificial plants provide us is that we will need to spend a lot less time in the care of our aquarium, since natural plants, like all living beings, will need us to take care of them. Therefore, it is fundamental, in the first place, that we ask ourselves how much time we are willing to dedicate to our fish tank.

On the other hand, the use of natural plants not only fulfills an ornamental function, they also help to make the quality of life of our pets with fins much higher.

Effectively, the actual plants will serve as natural treatment plants, recycling the waste produced by the fish themselves and contributing CO2 to the water. But we will have to take care of them carefully because, in general, the aquarium plants are very delicate.

The type of aquarium

Once we have opted for natural plants, something that will greatly comfort our fish, it is essential that we make the choice of vegetation according to the kind of aquarium we have: tropical, Amazonian, landscaping, Dutch, etc. .

The temperature and the type of water, sweet or salty, that will dominate in our tank, already predetermines, in itself, the type of plants that we can use for the decoration of the aquarium. We also have to take into account how much light our fish tank has. The more lit, you can choose between more variety of plants.

Relationship of plants with fish

It is crucial that, of course, we take into account the type of fish that lives in our aquarium. Recreate your environment so that it resembles as much as possible its natural habitat, will make our pets are healthier and happier. In this task, the plants also play a fundamental role, providing the fish with a more suitable means in which to develop.

Of course we must take into account other issues, including ensuring that the type of vegetation we introduce into our aquarium is not toxic to the fish species that live inside. The small fish usually nibble on the plants and you can deduce the consequences in case of poisoning.

Finally, the most appropriate and safe is to consult with your distributor or any establishment specializing in fish sales. These professionals will be able to guide you on the needs of your aquarium, and which plants are the most suitable for your tank.

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