How to choose the dog breed

The race is a very important issue when deciding on one or the other dog . From the climate of the place where we live, from our personal situation or even from our economy will depend the most suitable breed of our future pet. In .com we explain how to choose the dog breed.


Samoyed or huski are breeds of dogs from which we must flee if we live in a warm climate. Although they are very beautiful and colorful dogs, we will do them a disservice if we place them in a place of high temperatures. The same happens if we live in a cold place and we opt for breeds that have very short coats, since they will suffer a lot with the cold.

Kind of family

Another aspect to consider is whether the dog will usually live with adults or in families with children who will play with him often. In the latter case we must choose races that are playful and, at the same time, that are not aggressive. The labrador or golden retriever breeds are ideal for children.


If we buy our dog with the specific objective of monitoring a house, we have to choose suitable breeds for it, such as the rotweiller. However, if we want them simply as a company for the elderly, the best thing will be a quiet dog, like the yorkshire terrier .


We also have to take into account if the people who are going to live with the animal are likely to develop allergies or have already confirmed them. If the allergy is to the hair of the dog, we must choose a breed that does not have much fur or that falls off a little, like the hard-haired fox terrier, to minimize the consequences. However, we also have to keep in mind that many allergens are found in the animal's saliva.


If we do not want to allocate a lot of money to our dog, beyond what is essential in feeding and veterinary care, we must forget to acquire an animal with pedrigrĂ­, since this type of dogs are usually very delicate and tend to develop more diseases than the rest of the animals. animals that are fruits of natural crosses.