How to ask him to marry me

Asking for marriage is one of the most special moments for any couple. Do you want to do it in an original way? There are endless options that will help you to leave your partner totally open-mouthed. Find the right moment, that special moment to declare your love and make it become a unique memory for both. Marriage is one of the most important steps in the life of a couple, which is characterized by commitment, union and desire to form something together for a lifetime. Are you asking how to ask her to marry me ? In we invite you to discover the most original ways so you can not resist saying: yes, I want!

How to ask for a marriage at home or in the suburbs

Asking marriage to the beloved is one of the most important steps in life. Therefore, you should not let the nerves play it and choose the perfect moment so that the request is an indelible memory for both. It is an extraordinary moment, which you must keep secret so that your partner does not suspect anything and the request is a surprise.

In addition to choosing a good place or thinking in the way you want to surprise your future wife or husband, it is essential to have some basic requirements for the request.

  • The most important is, without doubt, the ring of request . Select a nice ring that suits the likes of him or her and that represents your union.
  • Another fundamental requirement is to think about the right time to ask for a marriage. Do you have any special or representative date in the couple? This can help you choose the best day to ask for a marriage.
  • Also, you must take into account the place where you will ask for marriage . Do you have any special, unique and significant corner? Do you like the sea or the mountain? Do you want to do it in your favorite restaurant? Think about all these questions before designing your request and plan everything in time so that your partner can not resist screaming: yes, I want!

Original forms of asking for marriage

There are many ways to ask your partner to marry you, but if you want it to be a unique request and to represent you both, we recommend betting on asking for an original marriage. Here are some ideas:

  • Game of clues to ask for marriage : organizing a gymkhana is a very original, mysterious, intriguing and exciting way to ask your partner for marriage. Organize the clues in a way that will ultimately lead you to your statement and engagement ring. Use your imagination to prepare clues, questions or tests.
  • Movie : if you want to mount a movie request, we suggest you make a montage of photos, videos and music to ask your partner for marriage. Make a review of your history through unique and unforgettable moments and project it in a movie theater or at home. A cinema proposal!
  • Request for risk : do you like sports? What better way than to ask your girl or boy to do what she likes best. How about asking him to marry you at the peak of a mountain? Or submerged under the sea while practicing diving? If the adventure is yours, take a chance on the request.
  • Trip : if you do not know when or how you can ask him to marry you, do not hesitate to do so during a trip. It will be exciting and unexpected. In front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, on the canals of Venice or on a paradisiacal beach in the Caribbean. Any option is good to ask him to marry you. You will not be able to say no.
  • Luxury night : if you want to pay homage and make the request in an unforgettable moment, surprise your partner with a unique plan. Rent a limousine, take it to a luxury restaurant and celebrate love in style. Make her feel like an authentic princess. You dare?
  • Song : if you do not dare to sing or you do not have the budget to hire a singer, convert your favorite song into an ideal verse or the soundtrack of your request. Use your imagination and turn your song into the basic element of the request.
  • Advertising space : and if you want everyone to know the most important question you will ask your partner, do not hesitate to ask for a marriage through an advertising space. You can do it on a billboard advertising, putting an ad in your journal or regular magazine or using social networks to declare your love to the four winds.

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Traditional ways of asking for marriage

If the previous plans have not convinced you and you have no imagination to prepare an original and creative plan, do not worry, you can always bet on the traditional method of request that will be equally emotional and romantic.

Kneel before her with the engagement ring and declare your eternal love. To do so, we recommend that you select a romantic or symbolic place for you . For example, the place where you met, the first destination where you traveled together, your favorite beach, the corner of the city that represents you or that place where you tend to project your future. Surprise her and look for an excuse or a pretext to get to that place. Wrap magic and romanticism that moment, and turn it into a special request.

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