How to organize a slumber party for teenagers

During adolescence, celebrating a slumber party with friends is one of the most exciting and fun plans that can be organized. If you want your daughter to meet her friends and enjoy a girl's night, you should plan activities and stock everything you need to make the party round. Therefore, in .com we explain how to organize a pajama party for teenagers . Follow these tips and proposals to make everything a success. They will pass it to the cinema!

Steps to follow:


Guests Before preparing anything, you must select your guests; we recommend that it be a small number of people, between four or five. First of all because they will have a better time and secondly because you have to take into account the space you have to accommodate them. Make sure they are all friends to avoid problems. Remember that they are teenagers .


Prepare the invitations . As if it were a birthday party, you can make an invitation by hand that includes the date and time of the party, as well as the accessories they must bring. Have each girl bring a sleeping bag, pillow and pajamas. This will prevent you from having to provide everything and it will be easier to accommodate them.


After distributing the invitations, you need to talk to the parents of each girl. So, you can explain what you are going to do during the party - to avoid worries - and you will know if any of them suffer from any illness, allergies, special diets or have to take medication. It is also convenient to have a contact telephone number of the parents, in case there is any problem.


Activities It is very important that the girls participate in the pajama party. You can prepare some of them, but you can also let them make a decision. They will feel important! A karaoke, watching a movie, doing theatrical performances, playing movies, putting on makeup or recreating a fashion show are some of the proposals that can not be missed. The girls will have a great time.


Food and drink In a pajama party can not miss a good catering. You should think about easy things to prepare and eat, because the enthusiasm of the girls will not allow them to stay still for a long time. Bet on pizzas, sandwiches and a small pica-pica like potatoes, olives, little sandwiches ... and you can not miss the popcorn for the night. As for the drink, do not miss the refreshments and juices. Remember to have breakfast for the next day. Check if there is a celiac girl or any type of food allergy among the group and have resources for it.


Prepare the area where the girls will stay. Remove everything that takes up space and is unnecessary in the room, add lamps and set the mood. And ready! You will have ready the pajama party ready for teenagers . They will never forget it!