How to choose the name of my dog

The arrival of a puppy at home is always an exciting time, especially for the little ones. Everyone in the family wants to "baptize" the new member, but choosing how to call is not always a simple task, and regardless of the tastes of each one, some recommendations can be useful. In .com we give you the keys so that you discover how to choose the name of your dog .

Steps to follow:


The first recommendation to choose the name of your dog is to choose short words and forget those names composed of two words. Choose preferably the names of a single syllable and with the letters "a" and "o" incorporated, because they are the ones that the animal perceives in a simpler way.

Keep in mind that if the name is too long, it may be harder for the dog to learn it, and may never fully respond to it.


Although they may seem exotic and attractive, the names difficult to pronounce are not suitable for dogs, because if you find it hard to say it correctly to the rest of the people also, which will make the animal take a long time to grasp that they are calling.

Getting the dog to respond to your name as soon as possible is a basic step in canine training and obedience, and the faster you get it the better.


Take into account that the name you choose for your pet should be suitable for your entire life including adulthood . That's why names like "peque" or "lindo" may not be the most appropriate, even when they can work very well during the puppy stage.

Of course, this observation has to do especially with personal tastes and not with a topic of training the pet.


Many people think that placing a dog with a person's name is in bad taste, others think it's a nice decision. Our advice is to follow your preferences and choose the option that you consider most appropriate, always bearing in mind that it is short and easy to pronounce.


To choose the name of the dog you can also wait a few days to learn a little more about the puppy and see if his personality inspires a name. In our video what name to put my dog ​​we give you some ideal options for males and females, perhaps among them you find the perfect name for your pet.


Once you have chosen the name of your dog, remember not to put nicknames or diminutives, you should always call it in the same way so you can identify with that word, otherwise you may never get your full attention.

But it is not enough just to choose the right one, you also need the puppy to respond to him. In our article how to make a dog learn its name we explain how to get it.


If your dog is already an adult or has come to your house with a name that already responds, it is best to keep it that way because it is very difficult for the animal to start responding to another name.

  • Remember that it is important to choose short and easy-to-pronounce names so that the dog learns quickly.