How to organize an original dinner

Surprising our guests with an original dinner and something different from what we are used to celebrate, is a fairly simple task if we have some ingenuity and a little imagination. If you are tired that dinners with your friends are all the same and you want to find good ideas that will help you make them more enjoyable and to make them unrepeatable and memorable events, pay attention to this article. We give you some recommendations with which to organize an original and fun dinner, it will be much easier than you thought.

Dinner with show included

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to turn a conventional dinner with friends into a truly fun and unforgettable event is to have the services of a restaurant with a show . What better than enjoying a delicious menu and at the same time a performance that enlivens dinner? The offer of this type of restaurant is very broad, and you should choose the option that best suits your tastes and those of the rest of the diners. You can choose, for example, between magic shows, those destined to have a laugh with performances by comedians, those offering a scary dinner with a terrifying atmosphere, or those with musical shows, whether flamenco, jazz, cabaret, blues, rock, etc.

In short, think only about what may be the best fun for you on that night to find the perfect option.

Dinner and costume party

Another magnificent option to star in a dinner of the most original and different to all others, is to organize a dinner in which all attendees have to go in disguise . Thus, after tasting the menu, you will enjoy a fun party in which you can even organize a parade and a contest to reward the best or the best costumes of the night.

You can decide beforehand if everyone should disguise themselves in something particular or, on the contrary, that each of the guests attend dressed in whatever they prefer. The first option can be much more fun, and that is to establish a specific theme, whether disguised as time, hippies, animated characters, animals, etc., It will be more entertaining to see who is the most creative and imaginative in the elaboration of his disguise.

Themed dinner

In many restaurants with a show it is possible to organize a thematic dinner or, if you prefer, you can also plan to celebrate it at home. The thematic dinners are events in which fun is assured and with which you can recreate fascinating environments that transfer you, for example, to other eras and even to scenes from your favorite movies.

One of the most recurrent alternatives is to organize themed dinners of the 60s, 70s or 80s, or set in other countries or places in the world preparing Hawaiian, Mexican, Japanese, American, etc. dinners, where you can also enjoy the typical food there, as well as its music, customs and traditions. Make sure that the decoration matches the chosen theme and the evening will be a success.

Dinner and participatory activities

It is always fun to have group dinners that include participation in different games or activities . Therefore, another way to organize an original dinner is to prepare in advance a kind of gymkhana for adults in which you have to participate in different tests, whether playing in a group or alone.

You can prepare an endless number of fun games, from karaoke, dance competitions, imitations, mime ... and everything you can think of so that together you can spend a moment full of laughter, fun and entertainment.