How to choose the best comb for my cat

If you have a cat as a pet, you will know that keeping your hair in perfect condition is necessary and that is why we are going to help you choose the best comb to care for your fur. Combs are of many types, each one fulfills a function, and we already anticipate that with one you will not have enough. And is that the hair of your cat will not always be the same. That's why from .com we explain how to choose the best comb for your cat, thinking above all about its functionality.

Steps to follow:


The most basic distinction that is made of the combs is based on whether your cat has short, long hair or for all types of hairs. A differentiation that seems very simplistic and does not help when making a decision on which comb to choose, because as we have commented there are combs that fulfill very specific functions.


If what you are looking for is a comb or polyvalent brush for your cat's hair, the best option is the card . It is the most common accessory, and with it you can comb, untangle and remove dead hair. Choose one that is not too big or with the curve very pronounced so that brushing is nice and smooth, do not forget that this habit is essential to maintain the health of your cat's fur.

Probably this is the first comb that you buy when you do not have much experience with cats, and to begin with it is not bad, but with it you will not be able to eliminate many entanglements and dead hair.


If you want a brush or comb that serves to brush and also give a massage to your cat, then you must choose a massager comb . They are made of rubber, with wide spikes, the function of massaging complies perfectly, but that of combing or unraveling not so much. As much it serves to retire dead hair, that remains stuck to the rubber when you pass it. Although it is an interesting object, like a comb is not worth it. But it seems important to me that if you have a cat, you have one, because the massages are usually very nice for them.


If there is an essential comb is the one used to remove dead hair known with the popularly called Furminator . It is a necessary accessory to end all that hair left over from the seasonal moult. But you can not use it if your cat's hair is wet or tangled, and the comb to remove excess hair is a complement to brushing, but do not forget that neither combs nor unravels. In spite of that, you must have one at home because it is very useful to prevent hairballs that your cat eats when grooming.


If you are looking for the classic comb to comb and untangle, the comb that most humans use is the comb comb . Generally the prongs are rounded and retractable tip, so that as you comb your cat, do not hurt if you get to move in the middle of the hairstyle session, because you could nail the bristles in your skin and even pull hair.

It is a useful comb because it reaches all parts of your body, but when removing knots that are very closed, this comb may not be enough. It is the most used for cats with long or semi-long hair with a tendency to become entangled.


Another comb that you may have to use with your cat is the flea comb . It fulfills the important mission of eliminating the bugs that are all over the hair of your feline. The tines are close together to drag any fleas, or even dandruff, dirt and so on. Its use is limited to this, but it is very useful, it is the comb that you will probably only buy in the extreme case of necessity if your cat is plagued with an insect.


And the last necessary accessory to care for your cat's hair is the comb cut . Although more than combing what it does is to separate the hair into vertical portions so that the comb or brush then enters without problem and unravels. It is a totally safe comb for your cat, since it has the blades inwards to avoid hurting your pet.

It is a utensil that fulfills a very specific function and you do not have to use it lightly, in fact if you comb your cat assiduously, it will never have knots so big as to have to cut them. The cutter should be the last option, if you use it a lot you will leave the hair of your cat made a mess of so much trasquilón.