How to choose the best necklace for my dog

In .com we have talked to you about how to customize your dog's collar, but would you know how to choose the best one? The necklace is one of the most important accessories for your pet and for you, as it will help you walk with your dog. There are many different designs, but you have to know how to choose it well, because not all dogs are the same and everyone will need the one that best suits them. That's why from .com we teach you how to choose the best necklace for your dog .


A necklace must be strong, it is not recommended that a necklace be broken in one pull. Therefore, the collar of your dog must comply with some basic rules:

  • That is resistant depending on the type of breed of your dog.
  • That can have the name of your dog and your phone in case it gets lost.
  • Do not squeeze your neck or go too loose.
  • Between the collar and the neck of your dog should fit two fingers to ensure that you do not squeeze, avoid chafing and loss of hair by rubbing.
  • It is very important to be resistant, especially if your dog is a large breed, as they tend to pull on it and could break if the material is not strong enough.
  • If your dog is small, do not put a necklace that weighs because you can cause physical problems.

Leather necklace

This type of necklace is very durable. At first, it can be hard until it ends up adapting to your dog's neck and softens thanks to contact with the animal. They are flat and perfect if your dog has short or medium hair. The rounded ones are designed for long-haired pets.

Nylon necklace

Nylon is a resistant material and it withstands humidity, climatic changes and high temperatures.

Collar with buckle

This type of necklace is the most used since it is usually recommended for puppies or restless dogs. It is the easiest to put on and take off and prevent your dog from strangulating. They are made of different materials.

Training collar

This type of necklaces are usually made of metal and made of chains or even spikes, at first they were designed to be placed with spikes out to defend against the attack of other animals. Currently, people use it with the spikes inwards to train.

If it is not known to give a correct use, it is necessary to avoid putting them in the animal since they are designed to generate pressure on the neck when it is pulled. It should never be used regularly, much less to leave your dog tied, as it can cause serious injuries.

The harness

Dog harnesses are becoming more popular as they avoid jerks. The harnesses are designed, above all, to transport the dog in a car with a seatbelt. The harness is ideal for dogs that tend to pull when walking, like large dogs.

Head strap

They are muzzle shaped and press on the neck when the dog pulls on the leash. They can also be used together with good training to correct bad behavior.

State of conservation

Always check that the collar is in good condition and that the attachment points are well to avoid scares on walks. If your dog's collar is worn, better replace it with a new one or in better conditions.