How to choose the muzzle of my dog

In no way should the muzzle be a form of punishment for our pet, although it is important to know when to muzzle the dog. Some dogs of certain breeds are required by law to wear muzzles when they go out on the street in order to prevent bites in stressful situations. If this is the case of your pet, in .com we teach you how to choose the muzzle that will best go to your dog .

Steps to follow:


Once we are forced to put our muzzle on our pet, either for legal reasons, because they are dogs that provide some kind of service or due to specific circumstances, the most important thing is that the muzzle is the most suitable for our dog and, above all, that does not suppose a barrier that hinders the breathing and the panting of the dog.


In addition to this indispensable condition, the muzzle must also comply with standards that allow the animal to be as comfortable as possible and, at this point, the size and type of material that is made should be adequate for our friend does not suffer wounds do not feel overly oppressed.


There is a whole process of measurements so that the muzzle we are going to use is just the one that corresponds to the size of our dog. For this it is very important to follow certain instructions. Among them we have to measure the length of the snout, the length of the head, the perimeter of the snout with the mouth closed and the thickness of the neck of the animal. Only then we can establish the size of the muzzle that we will need.


There are many types of muzzles, but those that can basically interest us for a normal use are nylon and basket . The first of them is more appropriate to use them for a short period of time, for example when we take the dog to the dog grooming or when visiting the vet.


The disadvantage of nylon muzzles is that they make it difficult for the animal to breathe and pant . This point is especially important in brachycephalic dogs and breeds very sensitive to heat, so in these cases it is better to opt for the basket muzzle. Our pet will thank us.


The muzzle of basket or basket gives the sensation of being more aggressive and much more spectacular. It is the classic muzzle made with rods. Most owners try to avoid this type of muzzles precisely because of their appearance, thinking that it will make our animal more uncomfortable. However, this is the most recommended type of muzzle, especially if the dog should wear it for longer.


Despite its more aggressive appearance and it seems that the snout of our dog is caged, the truth is that the basket muzzle allows our pet to breathe better, gasp, drink and even eat with it on, that's why it's the most recommended.