How to make a werewolf costume

When Halloween arrives, nothing better than dressing up as a classic and terrifying character. And without a doubt the werewolf is one of the best alternatives for which we can opt, a disguise that you can do at home in a very simple way. If you want to terrorize everyone on Halloween with a great outfit that does not require much effort, in .com we explain how to make a homemade werewolf costume very fun and simple.


Steps to follow:


To make your homemade werewolf costume for Halloween is not necessary to spend a lot of money. You only have to buy a denture and half a meter (or a maximum of one meter) of furry fabric in brown, which will help you to simulate that you are a true animal in full mutation to man.


For the costume of this homemade werewolf costume you will only need:

  • A long sleeve shirt or shirt that travels, so you can dirty it and open some holes
  • Some old jeans that you can dirty, if they have holes better


Open some medium holes in the shirt or shirt that you will use and inside cover them with patches of hairy fabric, so when you put on the shirt it will seem that your whole body is full of hair and that you are a true werewolf . The area around the neck that is uncovered should also have pieces of furry fabric, as well as your fists at the point where the shirt or shirt ends, these details will give a more realistic effect to this great Halloween costume. The result will be similar to that of this image.


The werewolf, as the stories tell, suffers its mutation in full moon, and of course in this process of mutation your clothes will not be intact, so you can soil it with a little dirt to give a more realistic look to your look .

It is also important that you roast your hair a lot so that you look disheveled and with that animal touch that is needed in this homemade Halloween costume.


And undoubtedly an important point in all this werewolf attire is makeup. But you do not need to apply a very professional makeup, just paint your nose in black and apply some shadows around the mouth and eyes to simulate a false circle. For this you can use a pencil and brown shadow, with these simple final touches you will have your werewolf costume in a few minutes.


Do you dare to do it at home? We are sure that you will be one of the most popular characters this Halloween with this simple but great homemade werewolf costume.