How to educate a pug

The pugs or pugs are a dog breed that has become one of the most popular in recent years due to its endearing appearance and its docile and fun character. But, if we live with a dog of this breed or we are thinking about welcoming one soon it is absolutely necessary that we inform ourselves as much as possible about all their basic needs, possible health problems, especially respiratory problems, and also about how it is better to teach them things basic to make it a balanced dog. In this way, you will discover that both of you can enjoy your company as much as possible.

In we want to guide you so you can offer the best to your pet and, for this, in this article we will explain everything you need to know about how to educate a pug and what are your basic and specific needs that you must cover.

Characteristics of the pug or carlino

The carlinos are small-sized dogs, since adults usually weigh between 6 and 8 kg and their height is between 25 and 28 cm. They are compact and usually chubby dogs, with a skin full of wrinkles mainly on the part of the face. Another important physical characteristic is that its snout is short and, the fact of having the flat muzzle, to the majority it produces certain breathing difficulties to them. Its mantle can be light brown or light fawn, apricot, silver or black, but always have the tips of the ears, around the eyes and snout marked in black, almost the entire face as a mask. Another aspect that usually calls us much attention of your physique is the tail, because it is tall and curled on the hip.

These furry are currently very common throughout the world and in recent decades their popularity in homes has increased a lot. It is not only his adorable appearance that attracts attention, but his sweet, friendly, cheerful, fun, affectionate, playful and loyal character. If they are properly socialized they get along well with any other dog, pet, adult person and children. Anyway, it is not easy to live with very active children because they can not stand the intense exercises well due to their respiratory difficulty, nor are they suitable for those who want to practice intense sports with their pets.

They are dogs that adore the company so it will be a very affectionate companion who will enjoy being surrounded by family but, for this very reason, if they are left too long alone they end up easily developing separation anxiety.

The importance of socializing a pug

As with any other dog breed, pugs or pugs should be socialized from puppies so that adults are balanced and happy dogs without developing serious behavioral problems. It is important to start as soon as possible, about 2 or 3 months of age, since it is the moment when they are still able to learn everything very easily and when the mother and other dogs that live with them will teach them what is be a can and how to communicate and behave with other living beings.

We can reinforce this by socializing the puppy correctly, avoiding situations that may be traumatic and looking for positive experiences, rewarding good behaviors and ignoring and / or correcting inappropriate ones.

It is important that, due to the fact that we are a small dog, we should not avoid contact with dogs of larger breeds or hold them when a larger dog approaches. If we do this we will only get our pet to end up having fear of others of its kind, which can lead to future misunderstandings and negative experiences. Therefore, it is better to allow him to approach and play correctly and enjoy being a dog.

Set rules and limits

To educate a pug or carlino it is vital that from the moment our new companion enters the house, whether it is a puppy or an adult, we begin to teach him the norms and limits established by the family. Helping you to understand them, you will have a pleasant coexistence for both parties.

It is essential that the whole family agree on what is allowed and what is not, for example if you will be allowed to climb on the sofa or not, enter a specific room, and so on. This will be a coherent and easy to learn education for the dog, but if each one allows or prohibits different and contradictory things, it will only be confused, frustrated and will not learn what we want.

In the same way, schedules and routines are key to their education and well-being. Both the hours of walking and eating should be more or less scheduled and, thus, get the dog to be balanced and feel good. It is very important that you go for a walk 3 times a day and the walks last at least 30 minutes. Likewise, we must allow him to run around and play with others, but we have to avoid running over and it is not advisable to force him to run with us, all due to his respiratory difficulty because he is brachycephalic (the short-nosed skull type).

Find out in these other articles all the necessary details about When to start educating a dog and also about How to teach the dog to do his needs outside the home.

Correct the bad behavior

Surely sometimes our hairy will do something that we consider a negative or inappropriate behavior, especially if you have not been properly socialized or have not corrected some aspects on time. For a good coexistence between you and the rest of the family it is vital to correct the bad behaviors and bad habits at the moment you detect them.

But, it will be key that you do it with conditioning or positive reinforcement and never with negative reactions or punishments. The latter only leads to the fear or defend the dog and, instead, positive reinforcement will make you look at the behaviors that bring you nice and good things and begin to set aside those that do not bring anything good or nothing absolutely.

For this, if your pet ignores and does not comply with the rules that you have been teaching, assuming you had already shown that you understood, you should stop doing the activity you are doing until it calms down or change the attitude and then resume it Or, ignore the bad behavior completely and go to do something else until you stop that bad behavior. For example, if you pull the strap and ignore it when you tell him to slow down and walk beside you, you should stop walking. On the other hand, when you do something well and have positive and desired behaviors, you should reward it with caresses, food, words, and so on.

It is very important that if you see difficulties to correct a bad habit of your dog go to a canine etologist or a trainer, because they are professionals who can help you do it the best way for both.

Basic and advanced orders for a pug

It is very important that in order to educate a carlino in a correct and healthy way for him we teach him orders and commands so that he feels fulfilled and useful in the nucleus of the family . Thus, allowing you to overcome yourself and perform different activities will entail an enrichment that will help you to be a balanced dog. You need to start with the easiest things since you are a puppy and gradually increase the level. These are the basic commands for a pug :

  • Sit down
  • Come here
  • Be quiet
  • Go to your site
  • Lie down or lie down
  • Bring the ball
  • Walk to the side

Instead, these others are advanced orders for a pug and you will have to teach them once you have learned the previous ones:

  • Skip
  • Roll over itself
  • Spin around
  • Stand up on the hind legs
  • Give one leg or both
  • Bring the toy or object that we indicate
  • Skip easy obstacles