How to educate a Coton dog from Tuléar

The Tuléar coton is a breed of dog very similar to the Maltese bichon and, in fact, it is difficult not to confuse them. Both have a very similar character, but physically they can be differentiated better since the former usually has more curly and dense hair than the latter.

In any case, if you are fortunate enough to have one of these furry ones in your house, you will be happy to know that it is one of the most docile and willing to learn there. Next, you will discover how to educate a Coton dog from Tuléar by following these tips.

Origin of Coté de Tuléar

The origin of the Coton de Tuléar race is a very debated topic. It was declared a race officially in 1970 and was raised in Madagascar . It is said that they come from the families of the Maltese bichon race, which was formerly widespread in Europe among the families of the court. It was a very popular dog among the upper classes because it has the ideal character for companion dog, becoming what we know as a lap dog.

His company was also highly appreciated by the wealthy classes of Madagascar. Specifically, where there were more copies was in the port city of Túlear, today Toliara. The word coton that is in its name, means cotton in French, in reference to the soft touch and the white color of its fur.

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Character of the Coter de Túlear

In addition to having an adorable appearance, the Tuléar coton is a very affectionate and pleasant dog with people . He is not aggressive, although he is nervous and capricious, so his only fault may be that he barks excessively. It is a trend that can easily be corrected with a bit of positive training . It is a dog that does not respond well to traditional training with some aspects such as punishment or screaming and, nowadays, it is much more valued to educate from the prize instead of the negative reinforcement, since it is proven that it is much more cash.

Tuléar coton appreciates more than any other race the company of its owners, and whenever he can he will want to be with you. They make a lot of company and they are very funny. They like games and do not need great physical activity, as it can happen with larger races. This is why it is usually a recommended breed for seniors and families, and it is also considered one of the best dog breeds to live in apartments or flats.

To have a dog of this breed living with children you have to make it very clear that it is not a toy. It is a healthy and somewhat energetic breed, but of fragile constitution, like most small dogs, so if the child playing a stroke unintentionally can damage it. For this reason it is not the best watchdog for a very young child, and it is better to always have an adult presence.

It is an intelligent dog that can learn many tricks . It is one of the best activities to do with this type of dog, as it is a mental stimulus and spend time with you. In addition, they are also very good dogs to perform activities such as agility .

Finally, it is a race that suffers a lot with separation anxiety. You can also train yourself (we recommend consulting with a canine trainer in advanced cases) but it is not a recommended type of dog for someone who spends a lot of time away from home. However, it is not a difficult dog to care for, it is sociable and quiet when you walk around so it is a good option for novice owners.

Get your Totarian dog to listen to you

Tuléar coton is a playful and active breed, but tires quickly. It is very good performing small tricks and in agility training. But to educate him well, we must also take into account his nervous nature to be able to treat him.

To know how to educate a Coton de Tuléar dog and get it to listen to you, the first rule is to have patience . This rule is applicable when educating any dog, but above all it is for the case of small breeds, which as is understandable, are more scary and nervous than the big ones. Compensate for the love they give you with special care when it comes to educating them, although that does not mean you have to pamper them excessively.

To get a dog of this breed to obey and listen to you, you have to have authority when you speak to him. That does not mean being aggressive, but quite the opposite. It's about talking little and well, to get your message safely and that your dog sees that there are no doubts. The trainers recommend, in fact, to use the "no" only when the dog does something that is wrong. Especially when it comes to races with an acute and repetitive bark: contrast that energy with a unique and serious sound. You will see how if you say a firm "No", you call their attention. But, in the same way that we must have the above present, we must think that when the dog does something right we must congratulate or reward him, either with a positive words and cheerful tone, with a few treats for dogs, with caresses u offering him his favorite toy.

Physical exercise necessary for a Tuléar coton

This relative of the Maltese bichon, many times prefers the long walks by city to a whole day of excursion in the field. It is one of the favorite breeds for people who live in a city, because it is ideal to live in an apartment. This does not mean that you do not have to take it out to large parks or the countryside, since at the end of the day it is a can and you need to relate to all kinds of living beings and enjoy the outdoors.

Just take him out for a walk between 2 and 3 times a day and play with him in the park for a while, no more than 15-20 minutes in addition to the walk to not tire excessively. In this time you can play to throw the ball or teach small tricks such as: sit, lie down, play dead, spin, etc. The tricks will make the company of your soft furry much more fun, and he will enjoy calling more your attention, which is the favorite activity of these affectionate animals.

In addition, having a routine of daily exercise, climbing stairs on the walks and going out a couple of times a day, will help you to keep your Tulear dog in optimal physical condition, while improving your character, because exercise It will make a dog much less nervous and alterable, preventing it from suffering anxiety.

As always, we recommend you to alternate your education with awards and recognitions in positive to turn your pet into a balanced and happy animal.